1492 The Empire“s Elite“s Cover-Up 3

    "Fantastic! That's fantastic!" Elder Wuxu laughed in spite of his anger. "I only hope that you don't regret what you've done today!"

    He gritted his teeth as he finished his sentence.

    Lin You was his disciple after all. In the end, this group of people had injured his disciple in such a way right in front of him! Especially that despicable b*stard, Li Qing! Even though he may have caused hindrances to the General's Mansion for Prime Minister Lin's sake, he had never crossed the line. In the end, this despicable b*stard was now helping an outsider!

    I really can't understand what kind of enchantment Gu Ruoyun has placed on him to cause him to insist on helping her so much!

    "Furthermore, Li Qing, I will report every single detail about everything you've done today to your father!"

    A raging flame then burst from Elder Wuxu's heart as he watched Gu Ruoyun's fist land on the shivering Lin You. His eyes were turned towards Li Qing as he spoke in a cold voice.

    Li Qing's heart trembled violently but he stubbornly replied, "Elder Wuxu, I, Li Qing, have always been a person who would prioritize reason over relationship! I stand on Lady Gu's side because it was Lin You who was in the wrong first! Hence, his punishment is entirely deserved!"


    Slam, slam, slam!

    Gu Ruoyun's fist did not stop and a powerful energy slammed onto Lin You's chest, causing him to spit out blood continuously. His eyes slowly turned from a dazed look to a bloodshot glare as he turned his furious gaze towards Gu Ruoyun.

    Unfortunately, he could no longer speak now. Otherwise, it was likely that the entire forest would hear him curse!

    Late-stage of the exceptional state!

    This woman is actually at the late-stage of the exceptional state!

    When the crowd sensed the aura she had released from her body, their eyes narrowed and filled with disbelief.

    "Everyone, since you've all witnessed Lady Gu's power, you should know that whatever Su Lin had said was false." Dong Fang laughed icily as he turned towards the stunned crowd. He then spoke steadily, "According to Su Lin, Lady Gu's power had been too weak and could not pass the assessment. She then said that Lady Gu had wanted to seduce the Regional King and use his powers for a successful registration! However, everyone knows that in order to pass the assessment in the registration, the cultivator must have reached the exceptional state. Perhaps Lady Gu did run into a stroke of luck and destroyed the assessment spirit stone but she herself has a legitimate right to join the competition."

    Dong Fang paused at this point before he continued, "Hence, why would she need to use the Regional King's power?"

    Having run into this rare opportunity, why would Dong Fang pass over the chance to repair Gu Ruoyun's good name?

    Even though he knows that Gu Ruoyun does not care about her reputation, that does not mean that they were willing to let others misunderstand her!

    Indeed, after hearing what Dong Fang had said, everyone fell silent.

    "He's right. Eldest Lady Su Lin had once said that Gu Ruoyun's powers were weak and she had no way of passing the registration assessment. That's why she had wanted to seduce the Regional King. However, we now know that Gu Ruoyun's power is actually at the late-stage of the exceptional state and is one level above Leng Shang. Why would she even need to seduce the Regional King?"

    "I never thought that the dignified Eldest Lady of the Regional King's Mansion would be a liar! She had even used such words to slander Gu Ruoyun. What a waste of my previous admiration for her."

    "I seem to have heard that the Eldest Lady Su Lin has fallen for the seductive man in pink robes next to Gu Ruoyun. Perhaps she had slandered Gu Ruoyun because of this man. Women, when spurred by their jealousy, would do anything!"

    At this moment, Su Lin, who was also attracted to this place, arrived. When she heard what was being said, she grew so angry that she nearly spat out a mouthful of blood. Her eyes soon filled with venom.
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