1493 The Empire“s Elite“s Cover-Up 4

    "The late-stage of the exceptional state! She's actually at the late-stage of the exceptional state! No wonder she had to courage to sign a life or death contract with me!" Su Lin gritted her teeth before she suddenly laughed icily. Her smile carried an extremely sinister air as she said, "Gu Ruoyun, I'll never give you the chance to defeat me ever!"


    "The twentieth blow!"


    Gu Ruoyun's fist landed fiercely upon Lin You's chest. She then slowly retracted her hand and turned around calmly before heading off. "Let's go."


    Dong Fang nodded. He then glanced at Lin You who had collapsed immobile on the ground with pity.

    Based on Lin You's injuries, it was likely that it would take three and a half years for him to fully recover. As for the Heavenly Moon Empire's competition, he has no chance to continue participating in it either.

    Dong Fang's heart filled with joy at the thought of this. It was all Lin You's fault for staying on his high horse. Now, he has been faced with a horrible consequence.

    Once Gu Ruoyun and the others had left, everyone in the crowd dispersed. After all, they had come here for the emergence of the treasure and they could not afford any other delay in the competition. They knew that the Spirit Phoenix Fruit, which they had considered as a treasure, has fused with Zuo Shangchen and was unattainable.

    "Lin You."

    Elder Wuxu quickly walked towards Lin You and helped him up. The Elder then furrowed his brows and asked, "Are you alright?"

    "Cough, cough!"

    Lin You began coughing out blood and his eyes filled with venom. However, his wounds were too severe and he could not speak.

    "Lin You, don't worry, I will avenge you!" Elder Wuxu took a deep breath and suppressed the raging flame in his heart before speaking.

    Gu Ruoyun! You had acted with such impudence in front of me so you must pay the price for what you've done today!


    In contrast with the noisy outside world, it was completely quiet in the Evil Spirit Forest. A barely discernible yet powerful aura was pulsing through the air.

    Gu Ruoyun paused and looked at Dong Fang and the others before calmly saying, "Wait for me here."

    The group was shaken and stared in confusion at the woman's delicate features.

    "Lady Gu, we've come so far now. If we were to abandon you, we won't be able to stop worrying."

    Dong Fang knitted his brows as he spoke.

    Gu Ruoyun only shook her head when faced with the concern in everyone's eyes, "I must enter the deep end of the Evil Spirit Forest! If you come with me, not only would you be unable to help me, you'd even drag me down! You can choose to wait for me here or wait outside the Evil Spirit Forest! I'll meet up with you on the last day of the elimination round."

    The group fell silent, temporarily unsure of what decision to make.

    "Lady Gu is right."

    After a long period of silence, Mu Ying's voice slowly rang out as steadily as always.

    "Based on our level of power, not only would we be unable to help her, we would also drag her down as well! I believe that based on Lady Gu's power, she must have joined the Heavenly Moon Empire's competition in order to obtain something very important. If anything were to happen to us, we would end up causing her to be eliminated. Therefore, I choose to wait here for Lady Gu!"

    Dong Fang took a deep breath and replied in exasperation, "Lady Gu, if you need us to go in, we aren't afraid of any difficulty and we won't abandon you either! However, if you don't want us to follow you, we will wait here for you here. You must come back alive."
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