1494 The Empire“s Elite“s Cover-Up 5

    He was unsure if he had been mistaken but he sensed that some powerful existence seemed to be concealed in the Evil Spirit Forest's deep end!

    Gu Ruoyun nodded when she heard Dong Fang's words. She then turned to Zuo Shangchen and said, "Evil man, even though you've successfully digested the Spirit Phoenix Fruit, due to its power, your body must rest for a while so you can't fight at the moment. Once you've completely adapted to your current power, you can use your spiritual energy. This time, it would be better for you not to follow me."

    Zuo Shangchen agreed with Gu Ruoyun's decision and smiled. His peach blossom eyes were filled with joy as he replied, "Alright, I'll wait for you to return."

    Out of everyone here, Zuo Shangchen was undoubtedly the one who understands Gu Ruoyun the most.

    This woman really treasures her life! It could be said that she was actually very afraid of dying!

    Hence, since she wants to enter the Evil Spirit Forest's deep end, that means that the powerful existence within its depths would not be a threat to her life. Otherwise, knowing how much she cherishes her life, she would never casually put herself in a fatal situation!

    She would risk danger but only if she has an absolute guarantee of coming out alive. If she was fully aware that she would end up dead upon entering this area, she would never have taken a single step!

    "Mengmeng, let's go."

    Gu Ruoyun picked up the little fellow who had been lying on her head. She then took one last look at Zuo Shangchen and the group before continuing into the depths of the Evil Spirit Forest...


    The depths of the Evil Spirit Forest.

    The trees were withered and hundreds of flowers were wilted and scattered about.

    From a distance, Gu Ruoyun could see the figures peeking out from behind the withered trees. Those figures carry great power but, unbeknownst to her, they hesitated and did not show themselves.

    They did not even prevent Gu Ruoyun from going any further.

    As Gu Ruoyun had ventured deeper into the forest, the Nine Emperors within her body began to vibrate more violently than ever. That tremor was not fearful, instead, it was... Excitement?

    "I wonder what's hidden in the deep end of the Evil Spirit Forest which has caused the Nine Emperors to become so excited?" Gu Ruoyun raised her brow as her finger stroked the little fellow in her arms.

    "Mengmeng, do you have any idea?"

    The little fellow blinked and displayed a confused look on its face as if it does not understand what Gu Ruoyun was saying.

    Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun paused in her footsteps and stared straight ahead. A sense of astonishment flashed across his eyes.

    There was a giant purple dragon which was bound by shackles on a steep stone wall in front of her. It seemed to be suffering! More importantly, this dragon's body was transparent.

    "A purple dragon's spirit? Why is a purple dragon's spirit imprisoned in this place?" Gu Ruoyun's eyes slowly darkened, carrying a somber look. "Furthermore, how is this purple dragon related to the Nine Emperors?"

    As Gu Ruoyun was in the middle of deep thought, the Vermillion Bird's voice suddenly rang out from within her soul.

    "Dragon King, it's the Dragon King! The Dragon King who had vanished long ago is actually trapped in a place like this!"

    The Dragon King?

    Gu Ruoyun was shaken. "Vermillion Bird, who is this?"

    "Master, this Dragon King was a powerful cultivator ten thousand years ago. He's the King of the Dragon Clan! He's even more ancient than the Dragon Clan ancestor that you met last time!" The Vermillion Bird took a deep breath to calm her excitement. "Besides, the Dragon King had once ruled over all the dragons on the mainland. You could say that he had been grand beyond compare! However, the Dragon King and Leader Zixie had disappeared at the same time! I never thought that he would be trapped here!"
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