1495 The Empires Elites Cover-Up 6

    Gu Ruoyun gently narrowed her eyes.

    The Dragon King who disappeared with Zixie at the same time? Could it be that he was somehow related to Zixie?

    "This dragon looks as if he's in pain. Vermillion Bird, how do we help it?"

    "I don't know, you should ask Tianqiong. He's the Azure Dragon and is considered to be from the same clan as the Dragon King so he should know." The Vermillion Bird sounded perplexed before she handed this matter over to the Azure Dragon, Tianqiong.

    Even though Tianqiong and the Dragon King were both from the Dragon Clan, their status was not alike. One was the King of the Dragon Clan who ruled over the entire Dragon Clan. The other carries the blood of a Divine Beast. Even though the Azure Dragon's power was not as great as the Dragon King at the moment, his position was nobler than the Dragon King's.

    After all, no matter how powerful the Dragon King was he could only ever be a king amongst dragons! His body does not hold the blood of a Divine Beast. Even to the end of his life, he would never be promoted to become a Divine Beast!

    This was the difference between the Dragon King and the Azure Dragon! Unfortunately, the Azure Dragon had been severely injured. Otherwise, his powers would not have weakened to such a state!

    Upon hearing the Vermillion Bird's words, Tianqiong thought for a moment before he slowly replied, "Master, the only way for you to save him is through the Nine Emperors!"

    "The Nine Emperors?"

    Gu Ruoyun shook and asked.

    "That's right." Tianqiong nodded. "Do you remember back then when your spiritual weapon had been destroyed? You had wanted to send its weapon spirit, the White Dragon, into the Nine Emperors but the White Dragon's power was not strong enough so it could not become the Nine Emperors' weapon spirit!"

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent, she had thought of this. At the time, she was battling against the Lin family's cultivators and her spiritual weapon had ended up being destroyed. The White Dragon, as its weapon spirit, had also sustained heavy injuries and had nowhere to go! She even remembers that the White Dragon had once told her that a powerful existence lives within the Nine Emperors. As a result, he could not become the Nine Emperors' weapon spirit. Therefore, the White Dragon was now inhabiting another low-class spiritual weapon.

    "Now that you've mentioned it, I've nearly forgotten about the White Dragon. It had followed me from the West Spirit Mainland to this Dark Earth Realm. Once this matter has been resolved, I'll find someone to fix the spiritual weapon. Otherwise, the spiritual weapon will never be able to display its true power."

    Tianqiong laughed before continuing, "At the time, that powerful energy which the White Dragon had sensed did not originate from the Nine Emperors' weapon spirit but from the nine dragons' souls in its blade! However, those nine dragons aren't the Nine Emperors weapon spirits but the source of the Nine Emperors' power. Master, if you want complete control over the Nine Emperors, you must find a weapon spirit for it! Besides, you've been able to discover the Dragon King's location because the Nine Emperors had guided you here. It's likely that this is the weapon spirit that it desires."

    "That seems to be the only way."

    Gu Ruoyun's eyes flickered. If, after subduing this purple dragon, she could use it to control the Nine Emperors completely, even if she were to run into a cultivator at the mid-stage of the refined state, she would still stand a fighting chance.

    "By the way, Master, the Dragon King is badly injured. I'm afraid that he will need to recuperate after becoming a weapon spirit so you would still be unable to have full control over the Nine Emperors for a while. Furthermore, based on my knowledge, the Dragon King's name is... Hun."

    "I understand, I will now turn this purple dragon into a weapon spirit."

    Gu Ruoyun gently raised the corners of her lips.

    She had thought that she would face a wicked battle as soon as she entered the deep end of the Evil Spirit Forest. However, she never thought that things would have gone so smoothly until it all feels a bit abnormal...


    The elimination round was limited to seven days.

    After seven days, the outskirts of Evil Spirit Forest was filled with the geniuses who had participated in the competition.Author wrote it as "East Peak Mainland", but since GRY is now in the Dark Earth Realm, I've changed it for accuracy.
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