1497 The Underworld“s Protector Pays A Visit 2

    The Left Protector was very confident. She believes that after having raised such a tempting condition, Gu Ruoyun could not possibly reject her.


    Just as the Left Protector was waiting confidently for Gu Ruoyun's reply, the woman's chilly and indifferent voice slowly rang out again, "You came here just for this matter? If that's the case, you can go back. Even if I get the Moon Soul Herb, I won't give it to anyone else!"


    The Left Protector's expression suddenly sank as a clouded and indefinite light flickered in her eyes.

    "Gu Ruoyun, are you really going to hesitate in doing something until forced to do even more? If you miss this chance, you'll never be able to join the Underworld."

    Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun did not say anything more. She simply walked around the Left Protector, reached out her hand to open the door and walked in.

    Just as she was about to close the door, she heard the Left Protector's voice which sounded as if she was suppressing her anger. "Great, that's just great! I hope that you can stay resolved in your decision when the time comes!"


    The door then slammed shut, barring the Left Protector on the outside. Gu Ruoyun gently stroked the little fellow in her arms with her finger and calmly curled the corners of her lips. "Little fellow, would you say that I have some sort of beef against the words 'Left Protector'? Back then at the Secret Order, Mu Chu, its Left Protector, had also tried to caused trouble for me in order to avenge Wen Ya. Now that I've arrived in the Dark Earth Realm, I did not expect the powerful enemy to be the Underworld's powerful Left Protector."

    The little fellow blinked. It did not understand everything else that Gu Ruoyun had said but it understood very clearly that back then at the Secret Order, someone had dared to cause trouble for her!

    The little fellow lowered its head and fell silent at the thought of this. Its large eyes flickered and moved but its thoughts were unreadable...

    Outside the guest house.

    The white-robed Left Protector quickly walked out with a supremely ugly look on her face. She glanced at the guest house behind her as her expression overshadowed and unreadable.

    "Left Protector, this woman seems to be quite stubborn. What should we do next?"

    The Underworld guard who was standing behind the white-robed woman stepped forward and asked respectfully.

    "We will definitely get the Moon Soul Herb." The Left Protector chuckled softly. Her smile was extremely icy as she continued, "Besides, there are three persons who have a good chance of claiming the champion's title this time. There are also Leng Shang and Su Lin aside from Gu Ruoyun! Since Gu Ruoyun is so tactless, we can't let her win the championship title no matter what!"

    The other two have already promised her that if they manage to receive the champion's title, they would give the Moon Soul Herb to the Underworld. Besides, they also would not require any form of reward!

    This was the sign of a truly intelligent person!

    To be able to establish a connection with the Underworld... How fortunate was that? Only an idiot would let a chance like this wash away in vain!

    "This..." The guard from the Underworld hesitated but gathered his courage in the end and said, "The Emperor of the Heavenly Moon Empire doesn't seem like the type of person who would help us to cheat! Even though Leng Shang is also at the late-stage of the exceptional state, Su Lin has more treasures in her hand. However, if they can't defeat Gu Ruoyun, what should we do?"

    "The Emperor of the Heavenly Moon Empire won't help us to cheat because He doesn't want to break His promise. However, cheating is not the only way to make Gu Ruoyun lose the contest!"

    The Left Protector lowered her eyelids as if she had just thought of something. Her lips then curled into a cold smile while the space between her brows carried a sense of arrogance.


    The next day.

    In a garden behind the Heavenly Moon Empire's court, a hundred flowers were blooming, competing with each other for magnificence.
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