1498 Battle Between Beasts 1

    At this moment, the rear courtyard was filled with numerous genius disciples who had come to participate in the competition. They were whispering into each other's ears, clearly excited about what would happen at the competition today!

    There was a reason for this excitement as the Heavenly Moon Empire had suddenly issued an order yesterday! The second round of this competition would be a battle between beasts! Talents participating in this round must bring their spiritual beasts along for the competition. If they do not have a spiritual beast, they would be forced to forfeit!

    After all, the Beast Clan has always been very proud and do not yield easily to humans. Besides, they were also only given a day to prepare. What could they possibly do in one day? Hence, many geniuses had no choice but to forfeit the competition!

    However, Gu Ruoyun never expected that both Mu Ying and Lu Yin would be able to bring their spiritual beasts into the competition...

    Looks like these two have concealed their powers well!

    A shallow smile hung on the corners of Gu Ruoyun's lips but her thoughts remained unclear. However, she was soon pulled out of her thoughts by Dong Fang's voice.

    "I didn't expect to be held back by this segment after passing the elimination round. I won't be able to join the next part of the competition. Lady Gu, you must win the first place! I believe in your powers. If there's anyone here who can take the first place, it's you!"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled faintly but did not say much. She then turned around and looked at the Underworld cultivators who were approaching them along with the Imperial Consort.

    The Left Protector seemed to sense her gaze and turned towards her. A coldness formed on her beautiful smile while her eyes carried a sense of dominance as if the person before her held no importance at all.

    Very soon, she turned away and did not look at Gu Ruoyun anymore.

    "Gu Ruoyun!"

    Suddenly, a low voice rang out next to Gu Ruoyun, containing an irrepressible sense of hatred and anger.

    "This time, you'll lose!"

    There was no need for Gu Ruoyun to think too much to recognize the owner of that voice.

    Su Lin was glancing at the little beast in her arms while her pretty little face filled with disdain and ridicule. There was a spiritual beast sitting next to her and she stroked its fur before speaking in a pretentious manner, "This Silver Heaven Wolf of mine has already broken through the exceptional state and is at the refined state! There isn't a single spiritual beast in this arena who's a match for it!"

    Gu Ruoyun looked at the Silver Heaven Wolf next to Su Lin. She did not say much as her slender fingers continued to stroke the little fellow's head.

    The little fellow lifted its head and looked at the gorgeous Silver Heaven Wolf. A sense of disdain flashed in its eyes.

    This little wolf-kid wants to defeat me? I'm assuming that it isn't even large enough to fill the space between my teeth!

    "A Silver Heaven Wolf?"

    The Heavenly Moon Emperor had witnessed this as well and looked at the white-robed woman in shock before asking in a low voice, "Left Protector, if Our guess is right, this Silver Heaven Wolf belongs to you."

    As someone who resides in the Heavenly Moon Empire, it was impossible for the Emperor to be unaware of the trump cards in the Regional King's possession! However, he has never seen this Silver Heaven Wolf before. Based on his observation, this Silver Heaven Wolf must have been brought over by the Underworld's cultivators.

    The Left Protector did not deny it and nodded, "That's correct. Out of everyone here, Su Lin has given me the best impression! This little girl knows her manners very well and has captured my heart. Hence, I want to help her to become the champion!"

    Out of the three, Gu Ruoyun had declined her request straightaway. As for Leng Shang, even though he had agreed to give the Moon Soul Herb to the Underworld, that was only because his objective here was not to obtain the Moon Soul Herb! Instead, he only wants to prove his prowess! Hence, when the Underworld had met with Leng Shang, this man's attitude had been rather indifferent which had put the Left Protector in a bad mood!
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