1499 Battle Between Beasts 2

    This was the real reason why the Left Protector had chosen Su Lin!

    "That's not a very good idea, is it?" The Heavenly Moon Emperor frowned, disapproving of the Left Protector's attitude.

    The Left Protector laughed and said, "Your Imperial Majesty, I won't cause you to dishonor anyone if I do this. As for this Moon Soul Herb, I absolutely must have it! If Su Lin can't do it, let Leng Shang become the champion. I'll never allow Gu Ruoyun to be crowned champion no matter what!"

    The Heavenly Moon Emperor was mildly surprised. "Protector, is there a grudge between Gu Ruoyun and you?"


    The Left Protector nodded, "I've investigated Gu Ruoyun's background and she had once formed a grudge against our Young Master. So, Your Imperial Majesty, do you know what to do now?"

    She would never let anyone know that Gu Ruoyun had rejected her offer. Otherwise, how humiliating would that be?

    Besides, the Left Protector also understood that she was only a protector from the Underworld. The Heavenly Moon Emperor had shown her courtesy out of respect to the Underworld Palace, he was not necessarily helping her out of sincerity!

    The only way to cause fear in the Heavenly Moon Emperor's heart was by using her Young Master's name.

    As for whether the Young Master has a grudge against Gu Ruoyun...

    So what if she had to fabricate the story? The Young Master was not here so how could anyone prove that he had nothing against Gu Ruoyun? Besides, even if the Young Master were here, he might not help this strange little girl too.

    It was likely that he would have become furious over this little girl's failure to appreciate their kindness and slaughter her as well!

    "I understand."

    The Heavenly Moon Emperor gently narrowed his eyes as a cold light flashed across his gaze.

    If this matter was connected to the Underworld's Young Master, he had to concede to the Young Master's will.

    "Left Protector, as long as you ensure that this remains a covert operation and you don't allow anyone to find out, do as you wish! We will close one eye to this!"

    However, his words carried a sense of regret as he spoke.

    Honestly speaking, he really admires Gu Ruoyun's talent. Besides, Gu Ruoyun had shattered the spirit stone in one blow! If the Underworld had not been involved here, he would have tried to win Gu Ruoyun to his side and nurture her! Unfortunately, the person she had offended was the Underworld's Young Master!

    He has to take heed of the Underworld Palace's dignity and give up on this little girl.

    "Elder Wuxu, We will leave you to take charge of this competition!"

    The Heavenly Moon Emperor put the regret in his eyes away, and reverted to his grave, stern and piercing expression. His voice was cold and sharp.

    "At Your Imperial Majesty's command!"

    Hearing this, Elder Wuxu joined his fists an stepped out from the crowd.

    He cleared his throat and his voice was slightly husky as he spoke, "I'm sure that each one of you knows the requirements of this competition very clearly! The requirement this round is fairly straightforward, you only need to let your spiritual beasts join the Battle between Beasts! It will be two against two and we will draw lots to determine the opponents. Only the winners will enter the next round! Those who have lost must leave the competition arena!"

    "The competition at this stage will be separated into ten rounds. Ten people will have to leave the arena while the remaining ten will prepare for the next round in the competition!"

    Which meant that this stage of the competition largely depends on one's luck!

    If they were lucky enough, they might encounter an opponent with weak spiritual beasts. They would then would succeed in entering the finals tomorrow! If they happened to have rotten luck and run into the Silver Heaven Wolf in Su Lin's possession, they would have no choice but to admit to being unlucky as they left...

    He does not know why but when Dong Fang heard Elder Wuxu's words and noticed his deliberate glance towards Gu Ruoyun, his heart clenched.

    "Lady Gu, I have a feeling that the opponent drawn for you will certainly turn out to be Su Lin!"
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