1502 Battle Between Beasts 5

    Gu Ruoyun, however, acted as if she had not heard a word Su Lin had said. Instead, she was trying to soothe the irritated and restless little fellow in her arms.

    "I'll give you twenty treats."

    The little fellow finally calmed down after hearing this. However, a furious light continued to glow from its large eyes as it glared fiercely at Su Lin.

    This b*tch wants to kill me?

    I'm the majestic Sacred Beast of the Secret Order, why should I fear one measly Silver Heaven Wolf?

    It then glanced at the Silver Heaven Wolf that Su Lin was astride on. That one look caused the Silver Heaven Wolf to tremble and it nearly threw Su Lin off its back.

    "What just happened?"

    Su Lin was shaken and stared in astonishment at the Silver Heaven Wolf.

    The Silver Heaven Wolf did not speak as it stared dubiously back at Mengmeng as if mulling something over. However, it could not come to a conclusion and no longer thought about it too much...

    "The battle has concluded."

    A voice rang out from the side, pulling Gu Ruoyun's attention back to the arena.

    She saw the two spiritual beasts on the stage. One had collapsed on the floor and was unable to get up while the other has been beaten black and blue. However, it managed to support itself and walk off the arena and was welcomed with cheers.

    "The results between the first contestants are out. Next up will be the participants for number two."

    As soon as Elder Wuxu had spoken, another two young people released their spiritual beasts! The difference in power between the two spiritual beasts was far too obvious so the result became clear very quickly. Gu Ruoyun did not pay too much attention to the next few rounds but she kept an eye on the Underworld's cultivators' movements from time to time.

    If there was anything that Gu Ruoyun needs to fear, it was probably the Underworld's cultivators!

    Just as Gu Ruoyun was in the midst of deep thought, the ninth round has ended and Elder Wuxu's voice rang out once again, "This would be the last round for today's competition..."

    "Lady Gu!"

    Before Elder Wuxu could finish his speech, Dong Fang and the others quickly looked at Gu Ruoyun with anxious eyes.

    Everyone else's competition has already ended and only two people remained.

    Those two were Gu Ruoyun and Su Lin!

    Mengmeng was indeed powerful and could kill a spiritual beast at the late-stage of the exceptional state. However, the spiritual beast in Su Lin's possession was at the refined state. It was difficult to determine who would win or lose!

    "Little one," Gu Ruoyun stroked the little fellow's head and smiled calmly. "I had asked you to hold it in just now for the sake of this competition. Now, you can avenge yourself however you wish! I won't hold you back anymore."

    The little fellow's eyes sparkled. It then slowly turned its head around and looked at the Silver Heaven Wolf that Su Lin was sitting on. The little fellow looked as if it was staring at a toy and could not wait to play with it.

    "Silver Heaven Wolf."

    Su Lin raised her head arrogantly and stared at Mengmeng with disdain. She then continued in a haughty voice, "Even though this little beast is quite small and isn't big enough to fill the space between your teeth, small meat is still meat. You can do whatever you wish to it!"

    Her expression and her attitude made her seem as if she had already decided Mengmeng's fate!

    The Silver Heaven Wolf let out a low growl and looked determined to win.

    In the spiritual beast's realm, some have the ability to suppress their powers. Most spiritual beasts could also sense their opponent's power as well and even if their opponent appeared inconspicuous, they would still be able to feel a sense of dread based on this. However, Mengmeng was not a spiritual beast so the Silver Heaven Wolf would naturally be unaware of the level of its power!

    In the beginning, it had indeed sensed something but that sensation was far too faint. Hence, it had failed to detect Mengmeng's actual level of power.

    When the crowd heard Su Lin's words, they could not help but burst into laughter and silently debated amongst themselves.
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