1503 Battle Between Beasts 6

    "How could Eldest Lady Su Lin believe that Gu Ruoyun would send this spiritual beast into battle? This spiritual beast is only the size of a palm. If she uses it, won't she be sending it to its grave?"

    "I also believe that Gu Ruoyun can't possibly allow this spiritual beast to do battle. What do you guys think? Does she have another spiritual beast hidden somewhere else?"

    "Gu Ruoyun can't be that foolish, she must have other spiritual beasts but so what if that's the case? She can't possibly defeat Lady Su Lin's Silver Heaven Wolf. Regardless of which spiritual beast she uses, it's going to die for sure!"

    The way Gu Ruoyun had defeated Lin You in the Evil Spirit Forest was still fresh in their minds. Therefore, they believe that Gu Ruoyun would never be so foolish to allow a little fellow with no means of attack to walk to its death!

    Hence, she must had prepared some other spiritual beast!

    However, the crowd simply never expected Gu Ruoyun to walk sheepishly onto the stage with the little fellow in her arms. She then placed it in the middle of the stage and walked away.


    The crowd instantly exploded into a discussion. Their eyes were filled with disbelief and they stared at the woman walking down the arena in shock.

    "She's really going send this spiritual beast into battle? Could it be that she understands that no matter which spiritual beast she uses, it would certainly end up dead so she had decided to sacrifice this defenseless little beast?"

    "That's right, that is the only possibility! She has made up her mind to lose! She doesn't even want to retaliate!"

    "Sigh, how unfortunate. Based on her late-stage exceptional state power, she would certainly be a contender for first place. However, she had run into Su Lin in this round! Su Lin's Silver Heaven Wolf is too powerful, anyone who fights against it would certainly lose."

    The crowd shook their heads as their faces filled with regret.

    Based on their point of view, this little fellow was completely defenseless. Sending it to battle would be equivalent to sending it to its death!

    This palm-sized little beast probably could not even fill the space between the Silver Heaven Wolf's teeth!

    On the arena.

    The little fellow blinked innocently as it looked around the place at random. Even running required a great deal of effort because of its short and tiny legs. However, when it saw the Silver Heaven Wolf in the arena, the white fur on its entire body stood on end as its eyes filled with a fiery rage!

    To everyone else's eyes, it was clearly a look of defense from shock. Simply based on this look, they thought that this little fellow was going to lose!

    Of course, only Dong Fang and the others who had come into contact with this little fellow understood that this was a stance this little fellow would take only when it was enraged!

    Mengmeng was actually now very angry!

    Each time it thought about how Su Lin had insulted it, it would feel the urge to explode with rage. However, the one on stage was not Su Lin so it pushed its hatred onto the Silver Heaven Wolf.

    Who was to blame for making Su Lin the Silver Heaven Wolf's Master? To take it a replacement for Su Lin was fine as well.

    "Gu Ruoyun, you still have time to beg for mercy!"

    Su Lin looked at Gu Ruoyun and laughed icily. Her eyes were filled with a venomous hatred.

    After a long pause, she noticed that Gu Ruoyun had ignored her and the anger in her heart deepened. She then retorted with mockery and ridicule, "Fine, even if you don't give in now, you'll certainly give in later! However, it would be much too late then! Hmph!"

    Su Lin scoffed and turned her gaze towards the arena once again, no longer paying any attention to Gu Ruoyun.

    Just then, the Silver Heaven Wolf roared loudly and leaped towards the little fellow in front of it.

    Based on the crowd's point of view, one leap from this Silver Heaven Wolf was enough to smash the little fellow into a meat patty! Therefore, some who could not bear the sight of it and quickly shut their eyes, unable to watch such a lovely and adorable little beast be turned into a puddle of blood.
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