1504 Battle Between Beasts 7

    However, something unexpected happened.

    Just as the Silver Heaven Wolf lunged towards the little fellow, the little fellow seemed shocked before it turned around and ran towards the opposite direction with a whoosh. Perhaps it was a stroke of luck but the little fellow managed to escape the Silver Heaven Wolf's fearsome claws in the nick of time.

    "It's like I've said, this little beast would collapse in the first blow. It's even run off before the fight. It doesn't have a shred of magnificence at all. Unlike the Silver Heaven Wolf, which truly does have a kingly look!"

    Some took advantage of the good opportunity and tried to curry favor with Su Lin.

    Su Lin naturally reaped the benefits from this. She raised her head in arrogance and stared disdainfully at the pure and honest-looking Gu Ruoyun. When she noticed the calm look on the latter's face, the venomous look in her eyes deepened like a dagger drenched in poison.

    In the arena, the little fellow was running in front of the Silver Heaven Wolf as it chased fiercely after it. However, the distance between the two spiritual beasts remained the same! The little fellow did not leave the Silver Heaven Wolf too far away nor did it allow the Silver Heaven Wolf to catch up to it. Somehow, everyone seemed to get the feeling as if this little fellow was toying with the Silver Heaven Wolf!

    How could that be possible?

    The crowd shook their heads as they laughed at themselves.

    This little fellow was just a little bit faster but it was no match for the Silver Heaven Wolf in every other aspect. At times like this, it only has the chance to flee, forget about toying with the opponent!

    "Gu Ruoyun, is that the only thing your spiritual beast can do?" Su Lin secretly gnashed her teeth hatefully with her voice drenched in venom. "It can only run and it has no other powers at all! Soon, it will fall into the Silver Heaven Wolf's claws and be tortured to death. If you don't want your spiritual beast to die, kneel before me and beg for mercy now!"

    Gu Ruoyun, however, only kept her eyes on the battle in the arena as if she had not heard Su Lin's words. Her delicate features remained as calm as ever and no hint of emotion could be seen in her eyes.

    The little fellow looked to be losing stamina as it began to slow down. Just then, the Silver Heaven Wolf roared angrily and quickly lunged towards it. Its roar was fearsome and cruel, carrying an insufferably arrogant air.

    This little b*stard actually dared to toy with me! Looks like it can't move anymore, can it? Since it can't move now, its time of death has arrived!

    The more the Silver Heaven Wolf thought about this, the more complacent it felt. It looked as if it could already see the little fellow in a puddle of blood.

    Suddenly, it noticed that the little fellow in front of it had stopped running. It then turned around and spat onto the ground. Before the Silver Heaven Wolf could comprehend the situation, its claws had already stepped into the little fellow's puddle of spit.


    The little fellow's saliva was more slippery than oil. When the Silver Heaven Wolf stepped onto the area, its large body slipped and collapsed on the ground before rolling forward like a cylinder.

    When it looked like the Silver Heaven Wolf was about to slide off the stage, a wave of energy suddenly grabbed onto its tail tightly.

    At this moment, the audience has nearly plunged into a sensation. No one had expected Mengmeng to turn out to be so sinister, it had actually tricked the Silver Heaven Wolf when it had lost its focus! What was even more surprising was that the little fellow had actually returned good for evil and saved its enemy, the Silver Heaven Wolf.

    That was right!

    If the Silver Heaven Wolf had slid off the stage, it would mean that the contest was over. Somehow, Mengmeng had caught its tail and stopped it from rolling off the stage!
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