1505 Qianbei Ye Returns 1

    No one could have expected this at a time like this. How was the palm-sized Mengmeng able to drag the enormous Silver Heaven Wolf back?

    They had all been influenced by Mengmeng's 'returning evil with good' attitude!

    This little fellow may be small but it understood the meaning of a fair fight. It must have accidentally used it saliva to trick the Silver Heaven Wolf. Otherwise, why would it have pulled its opponent back?

    Was this really the truth?

    Just as the Silver Heaven Wolf was about to turn around and show its gratitude to the little fellow, it suddenly noticed a strange smile on the little fellow's face.

    Before the Silver Heaven Wolf could comprehend the meaning behind this strange smile, it felt its body being lifted up before the air rushed around its body. The rush of air was so piercing that it felt a great agony all over its body! It was then flung violently onto the ground, landing with a crash which shook the entire arena.

    "My vision must be blurry. That's right, my vision must be blurry!"

    A young man amongst the crowd rubbed his eyes as he stared at the arena in disbelief.

    They watched in awe as the palm-sized Mengmeng dragged the Silver Heaven Wolf by the tail and held it up in the air on the large and tall stage before throwing the Silver Heaven Wolf onto the ground! That shattering noise made the entire arena shake.


    Slam, slam, slam!

    The little fellow pounded the Silver Heaven Wolf's body with extreme force over and over again without pause. The Silver Heaven Wolf in its grasp did not even have the chance to retaliate and could only lie there and receive the blows.

    The entire Imperial Palace soon echoed with its anguished wails.

    "This poor Silver Heaven Wolf is more pitiful than the fellow Mengmeng had swallowed in the Evil Spirit Forest."

    Dong Fang shook his head yet he was unable to stop watching the tragedy before him.

    Looks like this little fellow had previously allowed the Silver Heaven Wolf to chase it just to toy with it!


    Su Lin finally stepped out from her daze as she saw the little fellow hitting the Silver Heaven Wolf over and over again on the stage. Her entire being was enraged as she roared angrily, "Gu Ruoyun, hurry up and make your spiritual beast stop! Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to pay the price if the Silver Heaven Wolf dies!"

    The Underworld's Protector had loaned the Silver Heaven Wolf to her in order to ensure her victory in this competition. If the Silver Heaven Wolf was to die in this arena, no one would be able to contain the Underworld's fury!


    The little fellow did not seem to hear a thing and threw the Silver Heaven Wolf onto the stage once more. No one could understand how its tiny body could contain such a great power. Even the Silver Heaven Wolf, which was several hundred times its size, was completely helpless in its paws.

    "Gu Ruoyun, stop this right now! This Silver Heaven Wolf has an extremely high status, not even a hundred of you could suffice to pay for it!" Su Lin gritted her teeth as she glared at Gu Ruoyun venomously.

    Gu Ruoyun calmly curled the corners of her lips. "Who was the one who had claimed that Mengmeng would undoubtedly lose? Who had also said that she would use Mengmeng to threaten me?"

    As she spoke, she turned towards Su Lin with an unknown emotion in her smile.

    "Now, you want me to spare the Silver Heaven Wolf? By saying that it holds a high status, are you implying that Mengmeng is lowly?"

    "Of course!" Even now, Su Lin refused to admit defeat. She bit her lips and said, "No matter how powerful your spiritual beast is, how could it be any more powerful than a colossus like the Underworld? Therefore, it cannot be compared with the Silver Heaven Wolf! If you want to compare it with the Silver Heaven Wolf, it's like your comparing a beggar with an Emperor!"
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