1506 Qianbei Ye Returns 2

    The beggar that Su Lin had mentioned was, of course, Mengmeng.

    Mengmeng was indeed powerful but so what? For as long as it has not reached the ninth transformation, it could not be compared with the Underworld.

    "This spiritual beast is not like the others."

    At the judges' table, the Left Protector's gaze had remained fixed upon Mengmeng as a peculiar light flashed in her eyes.

    "If I could send this spiritual beast to the Young Master as a gift, it would certainly please the Young Master!"

    A hint of absentmindedness flashed in the Left Protector's eyes when she thought about the silver-haired, peerless man in crimson robes. Her heart then hardened with a resolution to snatch Mengmeng away.

    For the Young Master's sake, what was wrong with becoming a villain who robbed others of their treasure? Besides, Gu Ruoyun's spiritual beast had hurt the Silver Heaven Wolf so she must get this spiritual beast as compensation!

    It was obvious that the Left Protector's ideas were different from Su Lin's.

    Even though the Silver Heaven Wolf was very important to her, that was only limited to the Silver Heaven Wolf's powers. If she were to lose one Silver Heaven Wolf in exchange for this little fellow, she would not consider it as a loss.

    In fact, it would be a huge gain!

    Of course, Mengmeng was unaware of the Left Protector's thoughts. It continued to fling the Silver Heaven Wolf onto the stage once again. At that moment, the Silver Heaven Wolf's head split open, drenching the entire stage with blood.

    The Silver Heaven Wolf let out an anguished wail before losing its life.

    The little fellow, however, continued to hit its body as if it did not know the meaning of fatigue until that large body had been rendered into a pile of minced meat. The crowd then watched fearfully as it slowly walked off the stage and leaped happily towards Gu Ruoyun.

    "Come find me when you've taken a shower."

    When Gu Ruoyun saw the little fellow who was covered with blood and brains, she stopped its approach as she spoke with a disgusted frown.

    The little fellow's face instantly filled with grief. It squeaked and cried out and the pitiful look on its little face drew great sympathy from many people. The crowd found it extremely difficult to compare this silly yet adorable little fellow with the little demon just a while ago...

    "Lady Gu." Dong Fang looked at the Silver Heaven Wolf's miserable condition and swallowed with mild difficulty, "Your spiritual beast really does have a horrid temper."

    Hearing this, the little fellow was rather annoyed and glared angrily at Dong Fang.

    Dong Fang jumped with fright and stumbled backward, not daring to offend this bad-tempered little fellow.

    "Hahaha, Gu Ruoyun, you're in big trouble now, you're finished!"

    After the Silver Heaven Wolf had died, not only was Su Lin not sad about it, she even burst into maniacal laughter. Her laughter carried complacency and arrogance with a hefty dose of venom.

    "That Silver Heaven Wolf isn't something you can kill whenever you wish. You are fated to have a horrible ending after killing the Silver Heaven Wolf!"

    The crowd thought that Su Lin must have gone mad and was unable to accept this upsetting situation. Only Gu Ruoyun understood what she really meant.

    Su Lin had already told her, this Silver Heaven Wolf was a loan from the Underworld. If she killed the Silver Heaven Wolf, the people of the Underworld would never let her get away with it.


    Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly and replied in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "The Silver Heaven Wolf's death has a greater connection to you, isn't it? Besides, the crowd may think that the spiritual beast Mengmeng had just killed belongs to you but no one knows the Silver Heaven Wolf's true Master. The Underworld won't be so stupid as to step out and admit that the Silver Heaven Wolf actually belongs to them. Otherwise, their prestige would suffer a sudden, devastating decline!"

    Su Lin's laughter was choked off instantly. She then glared at Gu Ruoyun with an ugly look on her face and clenched her fists tightly as her eyes filled with venom.

    "Su Lin." Gu Ruoyun took one last look at her and said, "You've lost. I hope that you can now fulfill the life or death contract between us."

    The life or death contract?

    Su Lin's eyes filled with even more hatred and her features were extremely pale. Suddenly, she laughed icily and exclaimed brazenly, "The life or death contract? What's that? I've never signed a life or death contract!"
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