1507 Qianbei Ye Returns 3

    Su Lin's expression was unrepentant and the group of people who had once been Gu Ruoyun's teammates in the Evil Spirit Forest was instantly enraged.

    "Su Lin, we can all bear witness that you and Gu Ruoyun had signed a life or death contract! Yet you want to forget about it now?" Li Qing gritted his teeth as he retorted.

    Li Qing obviously holds the highest status in the group. Unfortunately, as the precious pearl of the Regional King's Mansion, Su Lin feels no fear towards him.

    "Li Qing, I've already noted your involvement in shielding Gu Ruoyun," Su Lin scoffed icily. "Besides, the agreement was if I had lost in a determining battle with her, I would leave my life in her hands. However, this battle wasn't me and her but was conducted by our spiritual beasts. Hence, it doesn't count!"

    The crowd has never seen such a shameless person and their faces all turned ashen from Su Lin's response. Gu Ruoyun was the only one who had shown no sign of emotion from the very beginning. Her chilly gaze continued to stare at Su Lin.

    Just then, a white-clad figure slowly descended from the judges' table and stood in front of Su Lin. The woman's voice was faint and proud, slowly ringing through the garden.

    "Lady Gu, may I ask one thing, where had this spiritual beast in your possession come from?"

    The white-robed woman stared calmly at Gu Ruoyun but her chin was raised slightly. She looked as if the person before her was inferior to her.

    However, her voice sounded very gentle and it was difficult to notice her arrogance.

    Gu Ruoyun looked at the Left Protector of the Underworld and replied in a calm manner, "It had insisted on tagging along with me."

    The truth was, this little fellow had indeed clung onto her for the sake of pills. Ever since she had left the Secret Order, it had harassed her and stuck to her tightly.


    The Left Protector laughed but because they were in front of a crowd, she did not behave in a haughty manner like she did when she had visited Gu Ruoyun back then. However, a sense of arrogance appeared in the space between her brows.

    "From what I know, my Young Master had once lost a spiritual beast egg! Now, I can sense the spiritual beast egg's aura on this spiritual beast! If my guess is correct, this little fellow had hatched from that spiritual beast egg. I just don't know how it had ended up in your hands."

    Her statement was only one step away from implicating that Gu Ruoyun had stolen Mengmeng from the Underworld!

    After all, if the Left Protector had snatched the spiritual beast away in a straightforward manner, the Underworld's reputation might take a hit and the world would see them as people who would snatch another's possession away! Those old folks in the Underworld would never allow her to cause the Underworld to bear the reputation of a criminal!

    Even though no one dared to chastise the Underworld out in the open, there must have been no lack of debate behind closed doors!

    Therefore, she had made the decision to shift the blame onto Gu Ruoyun! Besides, no one would know whether the Young Master actually had this spiritual beast egg or not!

    As for the Young Master...

    If she were to obtain such a powerful spiritual beast for him, he would not even have the time to rejoice so why should he blame her?

    The crowd could not differentiate between truth and lies. When they heard the Left Protector's words, they immediately exploded into a discussion. Their looks of admiration for Gu Ruoyun had changed into disdain.

    "I told you, how could she possibly have obtained such a powerful spiritual beast based on her level of power? Seems like she had stolen it from the Underworld."

    "That can't be right, I can see that this spiritual beast is pretty close to her. It can't have been stolen."

    "I wonder if you're silly or if you really are stupid. When she had stolen it, this spiritual beast was still in its egg like an unborn baby. How would it be aware of its own parents? Generally speaking, after a spiritual beast is born, it would recognize the first person it sees as kin. Because of this, this spiritual beast had grown so close to her."
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