1509 Qianbei Ye Returns 5

    The Left Protector sighed before she continued to speak, "I did not wish to disturb the competition between the geniuses for the sake of the Underworld's matters! I had decided to seek out Gu Ruoyun after the competition has ended to take the spiritual beast back! Unfortunately, she had used this stolen spiritual beast to fight in the competition so for the sake of fairness, the Underworld has no choice but to uphold justice!"

    The Left Protector no longer carries the overbearing attitude from the past few days. Instead, a strong sense of righteousness now emanated from her being.

    "Su Lin is a true genius and we can't tolerate her being defeated here especially by the hands of a villain like her!"

    Instantly, the Left Protector's eyes sharpened and she turned towards Gu Ruoyun like a knife.

    "So, Gu Ruoyun, looks like you would resort to such excessive methods for the sake of this competition!" Su Lin was enraged after hearing the Left Protector's words and she glared angrily at Gu Ruoyun. "This competition takes pride in being fair. You had used a stolen spiritual beast to compete, how's that fair?"

    Gu Ruoyun found Su Lin's treacherous expression of catching a thief mildly hilarious. However, she ignored the latter and looked at the Left Protector again.

    "Not bad, your story is flawless. However, let me ask you this, what did you use to nurture this little fellow? Even a spiritual beast egg would require some form of nurturing! Also, what kind of food does it consume?"

    Gu Ruoyun continued to ask calmly, "Since you claim that this little fellow belongs to the Underworld, you should know what food it needs!"

    The Left Protector was in a daze. "Obviously, this spiritual beast eats grass!"

    Spiritual beasts were categorized into herbivores and carnivores! However, since this little fellow had preferred to smash the Silver Heaven Wolf to death rather than devouring it, it was clear that the spiritual beast before her was a herbivore! Therefore, the Left Protector could not understand the meaning behind Gu Ruoyun's question.


    Dong Fang could not help but burst into laughter. He had even forgotten about the Left Protector of the Underworld's status. However, when he finally remembered that fact, it was too late. The white-robed woman had turned sharply towards him.

    "What's so funny about a spiritual beast that east grass? Are you saying that it consumes meat? This little fellow wouldn't even taste the Silver Heaven Wolf's meat. It's obvious that it only consumes grass!"

    As she spoke, the Left Protector released a powerful coercion from her body. How could Dong Fang endure the suffocation of a cultivator in the refined state? His face instantly drained of color and cold sweat beaded on his forehead.

    Suddenly, a green-robed figure flashed across them and stood in front of the Left Protector. The woman's indifferent voice slowly rang out, "So, is this how the Underworld's Left Protector conducts her business? You would use your aura to crush others to death just because they laughed?"

    After the woman had spoken, the coercion which was suffocating Dong Fang slowly disappeared. He felt the air rush towards him and could not help but lift his head to take a breath. He then turned towards the figure in front of him in gratitude and said, "Thank you, Lady Gu."

    Gu Ruoyun did not reply. Her chilly eyes were fixed upon the Left Protector and carried a threatening aura.

    "Furthermore, you're wrong. This little fellow does not eat meat nor does it consume grass! You don't even know what to feed it yet you claim that it belongs to the Underworld?"

    "Hahaha, Gu Ruoyun, aren't you stupid?!" Hearing this, Su Lin did not wait for the Underworld's Left Protector to speak and burst into laughter. "It doesn't eat grass nor does it consume meat. Are you saying that it intends on starving itself to death? Since it doesn't eat anything, how could it manage to survive? I'm really going to laugh to death, there's someone as stupid as you walking around in this world! Stealing is stealing. No matter how much you insist on denying it, it doesn't change your character as a thief!"
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