1510 Qianbei Ye Returns 6

    As soon as she had spoken, Su Lin immediately felt as though something was not right.

    She does not know why but she felt that Li Qing and the others were looking at her with disdain but also with a sense of pity.

    Had she been mistaken?

    That was impossible! If this spiritual beast does not eat grass nor does it consume meat, what does it eat to survive?

    Before Su Lin could fathom the situation, the woman's chilly and calm voice slowly rang out again, "You claim that this little fellow belongs to the Underworld but how could you not even know what it eats?"

    Gu Ruoyun lifted her head as she spoke. Her eyes have remained as calm as a lake with no sign of ripples at all.

    The Left Protector's expression changed instantly. Had she guessed it wrongly? A puzzled light flashed in her sharp eyes as she spoke, "Lady Gu, based on what I know, this spiritual beast is a herbivore! However, this is simply my understanding of it and I'm not the spiritual beast's Master. Only our Young Master would know what it really eats! If you insist on denying this, wait for our Young Master to arrive. He will naturally prove this spiritual beast's identity! As a member of the Underworld, I will never tell a lie nor will I be guilty of stealing your possession!"

    She then continued in a self-righteous manner, "Furthermore, Lady Gu, do you think the Underworld would need to go through so much trouble if we wanted to obtain this spiritual beast? It's just that I'm unwilling to let the Underworld shoulder the bad reputation of bullying others and I won't accept your excuses! Lastly, let me give you some advice, if something does really belong to you, others wouldn't be able to take it away. If something does not belong to you, you won't be able to hold on to it either!"

    Almost everyone around nodded in agreement with the Left Protector's words. As a cultivator of the Underworld, she would never condone to use lies to get what she wants! Besides, if the Left Protector really wanted to take that spiritual beast, she would not have needed to frame Gu Ruoyun! Who in the entire Dark Earth Realm would dare to oppose the Underworld?

    Therefore, this spiritual beast must belong to the Underworld! However, the Left Protector did not want the Underworld to bear a blackened name and did not want a villain like Gu Ruoyun to get away with her crimes either. Therefore, she wanted to prove the spiritual beast's true owner!

    Besides, after hearing the Left Protector's words, it seems that theUnderworld's was rushing over right now. When the Young Master arrives, Gu Ruoyun would undoubtedly meet her end!

    "Left Protector."At that moment, the Heavenly Moon Emperor rose to his feet and his eyes were filled with a cold and stern air. His entire body emitted the aura of an absolute sovereign as he continued, "Would you be willing to listen to what We have to say?"

    The Left Protector glanced at Gu Ruoyun before turning away to look at the Heavenly Moon Emperor, "Please speak, Your Imperial Majesty."

    "You say that this spiritual beast is yours and this little girl also claims that it belongs to her. Neither of you can produce enough evidence to prove the ownership of this spiritual beast so it's best to wait for your Young Master to arrive! If your Young Master can tell us the food used to nurture this spiritual beast, that will prove that this spiritual beast belongs to the Underworld."

    The Left Protector's eyes sank. However, she also understood that everyone in the audience believes in her words because of her status as a cultivator from the Underworld.

    However, if she has really made a mistake on the type of food used to feed this little fellow, the Underworld's reputation would soon be destroyed!

    She could care less about her own reputation but she could never ignore the Underworld's reputation!

    Therefore, why not wait for their Young Master to arrive before making a decision. Based on the Young Master's power, he could certainly determine this little fellow's spiritual beast species!

    "Alright, we shall do as Your Imperial Majesty suggests." The Left Protector then took a deep breath as her icy gaze turned towards Gu Ruoyun. "I may let you off today but you'll fall into my hands again someday!"
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