1511 Qianbei Ye Returns 7

    The Left Protector then turned towards the Heavenly Moon Emperor and asked, "You Imperial Majesty, Gu Ruoyun cheated and had used our spiritual beast in the competition. How should we judge this?"

    The Heavenly Moon Emperor fell silent but before he could speak, a seductive chuckle suddenly chimed in.

    "Watching this is certainly exhausting." Zuo Shangchen smiled lazily as he placed his hands on the back of his head and stared at the Underworld's Left Protector with half-closed eyes. "You can't even guess what this little guy eats yet you keep claiming that it belongs the Underworld? Since you claim that only your Young Master can determine what the little fellow eats, it's clear that there's still no conclusion! Since you're unable to prove it, how can you accuse Xiao Yun'er of cheating?"

    "Furthermore..." Zuo Shangchen purposely stretched out his intonation and smiled significantly, "I've stayed at the Regional King's Mansion for a while and I've never seen the Regional King with this Silver Heaven Wolf. I wonder where this Silver Heaven Wolf had come from? Such a spiritual beast which is already in the refined state could possibly only be found in the Evil Spirit Forest. Is it possible that the Regional King had managed to capture a Silver Heaven Wolf in the Evil Spirit Forest in just one day?"

    The Evil Spirit Forest covers a vast expanse!

    Spiritual beasts at the refined state could only be found mostly at the deep end of the Evil Spirit Forest.

    However, when they had journeyed to the Evil Spirit Forest for the first elimination round, they had only managed to reach the middle part of the Evil Spirit Forest from its outskirts! This also means that no matter how powerful the Regional King was, it was impossible for him to capture the Silver Heaven Wolf in such a short period of time.

    "Cough, cough." The Heavenly Moon Emperor cleared his throat and looked quite embarrassed. However, he quickly recomposed himself and maintained his cold and grim exterior. "Left Protector, We should make the decision on this matter! We never specifically mentioned that the spiritual beasts in the contest must have been captured by the competitors themselves. If they have the ability to obtain a spiritual beast from someone else, it will still count! We also know that you're fighting the injustice towards Su Lin! How about this, We declare Gu Ruoyun and Su Lin to be tied in this competition. Both of them may enter the final assessment!"


    The crowd suddenly exploded into a discussion.

    The expression on Li Qing and the others' faces changed drastically as well. However, when faced with the Heavenly Moon Emperor's decision, not one of them had the courage to oppose the Emperor's decision!

    After all, the Heavenly Moon Emperor was the top cultivator in the Empire. His power surpasses the crowd and they could only follow his orders. They could never defy him!

    "Lady Gu, looks like His Imperial Majesty's heart is biased. Mengmeng had clearly killed the Silver Heaven Wolf yet He has declared your match with Su Lin as a tie." Dong Fang laughed bitterly and shook his head in exasperation. "This is clearly a show of favoritism. Anyone can see it!"

    Unfortunately, their powers were too weak and they had no way of refuting the decision. Otherwise, they would die on the spot!

    "It's no big matter." Gu Ruoyun smiled serenely and turned her gaze towards Su Lin. "Su Lin, you've mentioned previously that you had not admitted to signing the life or death contract because the fight was between the Silver Heaven Wolf and Mengmeng. However, you shouldn't have any way of denying it in tomorrow's battle."

    Su Lin's expression changed and she turned knowingly towards the Left Protector next to her.

    When the Left Protector nodded at her, Su Lin took a deep breath and smiled icily at Gu Ruoyun. "Alright, I hope you won't regret this!"

    She had gritted her teeth as she uttered those last few words. The hatred in her heart was clear for all to see!

    "Your Imperial Majesty, I have a suggestion, let's hold the next round in three days, alright?" The Left Protector raised her head towards the Heavenly Moon Emperor and said, "Our Young Master would need time to arrive so grant me three days! After three days, when my Young Master has arrived, we will naturally be able to prove this spiritual beast's origins!"
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