1513 A Change In Su Lin 1

    Three days later, the geniuses joining the final round of the competition arrived in the Imperial Palace's rear garden and a debate ensued.

    The main focus of their discussion was Gu Ruoyun and Su Lin.

    "Make a guess, who do you think will win in the finals today? Gu Ruoyun or Su Lin?"

    "Does it even need to be said? The winner must be Su Lin. Even though Gu Ruoyun is at the late-stage of the exceptional state while Su Lin is only at the mid-stage, don't forget who Su Lin is! The Regional King holds a middle-class spiritual weapon. As long as Su Lin uses this spiritual weapon, Gu Ruoyun would be no match for her."

    "I think you have a point."

    Suddenly, the crowd turned silent. All eyes then turned in unison towards the green-robed woman walking towards them.

    The woman, who was dressed in green, carried a soft and adorable little spiritual beast in her arms. Her chilly eyes seemed to be enveloped by a ray of light beneath the morning sun. She looked calm and serene like an otherworldly bamboo tree and was cool and proud, completely set apart from the hustle and bustle of her surroundings.

    It was as though nothing could affect her serene heart regardless of how noisy the world became.

    "Lady Gu, it seems that Su Lin has not arrived yet."

    Dong Fang noticed Gu Ruoyun's presence immediately and quickly approached her. He then looked all around and remarked in astonishment, "That's not right, under most circumstances, Su Lin should have arrived earlier than anyone else. Besides, she would add further humiliation on Lady Gu the moment she sees her. Why isn't she here yet? Could it be that she has run away at the last minute?"

    "Impossible, a person like Su Lin would never run away before a battle. Besides, she views Lady Gu with such enmity so why wouldn't she join the final competition?"

    The person who had spoken was the one with the most solid personality of all, Mu Ying. However, he could not understand why Su Lin has yet to appear.

    Perhaps she has some sort of sinister plot?

    "Lady Gu, isn't Sir Zuo coming?" Lu Yun's eyes were not looking for Su Lin so she had noticed that Zu Shangchen, who always tagged along with Gu Ruoyun, had not arrived. She felt mildly astonished and furrowed her brows as she asked.

    Based on her observation, the members of the Underworld would certainly cause trouble for Gu Ruoyun. Why was the evildoer, Zuo Shangchen, absent?

    Dong Fang was unaware of what Lu Yun was really thinking about. To him, all he could see was the woman he loves asking about another man and his heart felt sour. He then tightened his clenched fists.

    Of course, Dong Fang was not jealous of Zuo Shangchen but was making a silent vow that he would grow stronger no matter what.

    Because Lu Yun likes powerful men! If he has the power to protect her, perhaps she might pay more attention to him...

    "Zuo Shangchen is here but he hasn't shown himself."

    Gu Ruoyun shook her head.

    That fellow was worried that the members of the Underworld would try to help Su Lin covertly. Hence, he has hidden away and decided to secretly observe the competition which was why he did not show up with the others.

    "Like I've said, how could he possibly feel at ease with leaving Lady Gu alone."

    Lu Yun smiled then spoke sweetly, "With him protecting Lady Gu in secret, we can relax. Otherwise, knowing those people, it's very likely that they would cause from in the dark so that no one can do anything about it!"

    Dong Fang stared at Lu Yun in confusion. He has always assumed that Lu Yun had feelings for Zuo Shangchen but after hearing what she had just said, it seems that it was not the case...

    "She's here!"

    Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun's gaze sharpened as she spoke in a low voice.
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