1515 The Competition 1

    Though Li Qing and the others may not have had much to say, they still felt rather anxious. After all, Su Lin's power has grown way too much in a short period of time and she has a middle-class spiritual weapon in her hands. Therefore, it may not be so easy for Gu Ruoyun to gain the victory in this competition.

    However, after seeing the determination in Gu Ruoyun's eyes, no one could say their doubts out loud...

    "Go, Mu Ying!"

    Dong Fang saw the number in Mu Ying's hand and patted his shoulder before he spoke encouragingly, "Out of the seven of us who had gone into the Evil Spirit Forest together, only you and Lady Gu have managed to successfully enter the final round. We're counting on you to do your best!"

    Even though Lu Yun had taken part in the second round of the competition as well, she had failed to move through and only Mu Ying had managed to pass the assessment!

    Mu Ying nodded as he slowly walked towards the arena. He then joined his fists towards the young man who had entered the stage at the same time. "Mu Ying."

    "Zhao Qin."

    The young man joined his fists as well and introduced his family name. "Brother Mu, swords are blind on the stage. If I do hurt you by accident, I hope that you won't blame me."

    After this exchange of words, they did not say anything else and swiftly drew their weapons before charging towards each other.

    Both men's powers were at the mid-stage of the exceptional state but based on the situation, Mu Ying had the upper hand. Hence, the other young man could not hold on for very long! Even though they were both at the same rank, they differed in how skillfully they were able to control their powers. It became easy to differentiate the winner and the loser very quickly.

    "You went easy on me."

    Mu Ying joined his fists at the young man that he had thrown onto the ground before he slowly walked off the stage and rejoined the crowd.

    "Mu Ying, congratulations! You've passed another test again!"

    Dong Fang and the others could not help but feel excited. Perhaps it was their interactions during their days in the Evil Spirit Forest which had allowed them to gradually become friends. Therefore, they were truly happy for Mu Ying from the bottom of their heart.

    Mu Ying smiled as a hint of emotion appeared in his usually stoic gaze. He was not in the mood to contend for the first place but had only wanted to know how far he could go.

    The rest of the competitions were not very eventful. Everyone took turns to compete and only Su Lin, who had drawn a blank piece of paper, sat and waited quietly the entire time.

    As each round ended, the next one would begin. Five contestants have been filtered through and there were now six left.

    "I've gotten number one again."

    Mu Ying looked at the number in his hands and smiled exasperatedly, "I wonder who I'll be facing this time."

    He was at the mid-stage of the exceptional state. As long as he does not face Gu Ruoyun, Leng Shang, or Su Lin, he was certain of his victory.

    "Gu Ruoyun, this person is your friend, correct?"

    Just then, a low and sinister voice rang out beside Gu Ruoyun's ear, causing her to frown as she turned to face the woman next to her.

    The woman's eyes were filled with venom as well as a sense of complacency, "How unlucky, the person that I'm facing this time is your friend."

    Even though Su Lin's aura has changed during the last three days, her arrogance and viciousness, which she had buried deep into her bones, had not changed at all.
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