1517 The Competition 3

    At this moment, forget about admitting defeat, even talking was a difficult feat for him.

    Su Lin smiled creepily. Suddenly, she grabbed Mu Ying's wrist and twisted it forcefully. A cracking noise sounded and the pale-faced man who was lying on the ground let out a heart-rending shriek.

    However, that was not the end, it was only the beginning...

    Su Lin continued to torture Mu Ying starting from his fingers before moving on to his entire body. She broke every single bone then pieced them back together only to break them again. It was an endless cycle and was so agonizing that Mu Ying could not stop screaming! His face has turned as white as a corpse.

    "Don't all of you feel that something isn't right with Su Lin's aura?"

    "That's right. Logically speaking, Mu Ying is also at the mid-stage of the exceptional state so he should be able to retaliate against her attacks. Besides, Su Lin hasn't even used her weapon. Isn't Mu Ying's defeat a little too stupid and cowardly?"

    "I believe that Mu Ying isn't being a coward, it's Su Lin. She must have received some sort of miraculous boost these past few days which had allowed her power to advance by leaps and bounds. I assume that even if Leng Shang himself were to get up there and fight her, he would be powerless to defend himself, what more defeat her."

    The crowd burst into a flurry of debate and the way their eyes stared at Su Lin gradually changed as well.

    On the other hand, Dong Fang and the others had grown anxious. They no longer cared whether the people onstage could hear them or not and cried out loudly, "Mu Ying, hurry up and admit defeat. You are no match for her. Quickly surrender and stop showing off! There's nothing humiliating about admitting defeat!"

    In the arena.

    Mu Ying could hear the voices of Dong Fang and the others and a bitter smile formed on his face.

    It was not that he as if he did not want to admit defeat.

    It was just that each time he tried to speak, Su Lin would bring him a hundred times worth of agony! Under this sort of extreme pain, it was already good enough that he had managed to cry out, how could he even find the chance to admit defeat? Perhaps his life would end here today.

    "Mu Ying, go ahead and cry. Even if you scream yourself hoarse, it's useless."

    Su Lin bent down and stared sinisterly at Mu Ying. Her eyes were just as venomous as ever.

    "However, I've already damaged your throat. I reckon you can't even scream now."

    Mu Ying's body shook and he slowly closed his eyes. His breathing has grown extremely frail and without close inspection, one might even think that he was already dead.

    She was right. Under all of this torture, his body was completely broken. His throat could not make a sound and he could only silently await his death in this arena!

    Of course, if Su Lin could grant him a quick death, he would not be in such pain! After all, a half-life was the true horror in contrast with death.

    "Mu Ying, what you think I should do to you? Should I gauge your eyes out first or bludgeon you to death? Or should I continue this fate which is worse than death?" Su Lin cackled icily and spoke in a tyrannical manner, "Even though we have nothing against each other, I won't spare anyone related to that sl*t, Gu Ruoyun! However, I'm just too kind so I've decided to give you a chance."

    Su Lin chuckled softly. Her chuckle was filled with a cold and sinister air and slowly rang out in the arena.

    "I'll help to put your arms and legs back together so that you can stand unscathed in front of me. Then, you will have a big fight with me. I'll spare you if you can defeat me!" Su Lin gently raised her chin. "Of course, you'd better not think of conceding! I've already damaged your throat so you won't be able to make a sound ever again! If you still can't defeat me, I'll continue to torture you."
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