1518 The Competition 4

    Pop, pop, pop!

    Loud cracking noises rang out once again. Just as Su Lin finished speaking, she had already put Mu Ying's limbs back together.

    "Mu Ying, hurry up and concede!"

    Dong Fang has grown anxious. "Lady Gu, if this goes on, Mu Ying will die, he'll most certainly die!"

    However, Gu Ruoyun had not said a single word from the very beginning. She also did not make any move and only watched the arena very quietly. No one knew what she was thinking.

    "Cough, cough!"

    Mu Ying coughed up two mouthfuls of blood and slowly rose to his feet.

    He could finally move his arms and legs. However, the first thing he did was not to fight Su Lin but to slowly raise his hand and place it into his lapels to grab a pill...

    Even if Su Lin has put his arms and legs back together, the pain she had inflicted upon him had not disappeared. Hence, Mu Ying's hand trembled incessantly and it was almost as if he could drop the pill at any time.



    The Left Protector stood up instantly and stared fixedly at the pill in Mu Ying's hand. "A pill?" She murmured, "Isn't Mu Ying only a disciple from some small organization? Why had he come about obtaining this pill? It's a pill that I've never seen before too! Could the Mu family have developed a new pill formula? No, I must have this pill formula no matter what!"

    The Underworld has their own Pill Masters so she does not covet the pill in Mu Ying's hands. Instead, she wants the pill formula!

    However, others were not as observant! Su Lin looked at the pill in Mu Ying's hands and laughed icily before sneering disdainfully, "I did not expect you to be such a glutton! Even at the doors of death, you will still remember to have a sugared treat. How absolutely laughable!"

    Mu Ying did not seem to hear Su Lin as he placed the pill tremblingly into his mouth. The pill immediately dissolved into a clear liquid and slowly enveloped his throat. Even his limbs, which were in agonizing pain, were slowly restored.

    "I concede."

    His voice was a little hoarse but he managed to utter those words very clearly.


    The disdain on Su Lin's face changed instantly. "I had destroyed your bronchia so how could you even speak? This is absolutely impossible! You cannot concede, I refuse to allow you to concede!"


    As she spoke, Su Lin smashed her foot onto Mu Ying's chest once again and sent him flying out of the way. She then stomped fiercely on his lips as if she wanted to grind his mouth to pieces.

    "I never said that you could concede! Who allowed you to concede? Since that's the case, there's no use for this mouth of yours! I'm going to destroy it now. Let's see if you'll ever have the audacity to say those words again!"

    Su Lin was used to acting like a despot in the Heavenly Moon Empire! Her father was the second most powerful cultivator of the Empire and the Imperial Consort was her aunt! Who, aside from the Emperor who was above all, would dare to oppose her in the Heavenly Moon Empire?

    Therefore, as someone who had been spoiled by countless people her entire life, she has long held an undisciplined and out-of-control character! Even though she was on the arena now, she did not hold herself back at all!


    Suddenly, a white ray of light charged towards Su Lin, smashing her body violently out of the way.

    Su Lin instantly stumbled backward and nearly fell onto the ground. As she turned around angrily, she saw a little thing the size of her palm standing on the ground with one paw on its hips and one claw pointed at her as it squeaked angrily.

    Before she could return to her senses, she saw an icily calm woman slowly make her way onto the arena. The woman then scooped the little fellow up into her arms and stroked its head with her finger before she remarked calmly, "Mu Ying has already conceded. This competition is over now, is it not?"
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