1519 The Competition 5

    Su Lin was shaken when she saw the green-robed woman step onto the stage. Suddenly, she burst into cold laughter as she stared viciously at the woman in front of her.

    "Gu Ruoyun, there are rules in this competition. As long as the competition has not ended, no one is allowed to disturb us. Have you forgotten this rule?"

    Gu Ruoyun eyed Su Lin and casually replied, "I've said it once. He has conceded so the competition has ended."

    "I don't agree to the end of this competition!"

    Su Lin's eyes darkened as the anger in the pit of her stomach rose, "Gu Ruoyun, I hate you! I will make you sorely regret this so I won't let the competition end like this! You have no right or status to speak to me in the Heavenly Moon Empire!"

    At the judges' seat, the Heavenly Moon Emperor's face gradually turned icy as a sharp light flashed in his eyes. "Left Protector, you've made a fool of Us. Su Lin has been spoiled rotten by the Regional King from a young age and has not inherited the Regional King's upright nature. To prevent the Heavenly Moon Empire from becoming a laughing stock, We have no choice but to stop her!"

    The Left Protector laughed as she turned towards the scene on the arena.

    Even though she had wanted to attack Gu Ruoyun as well, she was not entirely unreasonable either! She would make sure that she stands on the highest point of the moral ground. She would even use all sorts of ploys to frame those who have angered her! However, Su Lin was simply far too stupid!

    Someone like Su Lin was only fit to be used by her and does not deserve her patronage!

    "If Su Lin had planned to torture this young man to death, she should never have allowed him the chance to admit defeat! As long as he does not admit defeat, there was no need for us to interfere with the outcome of this competition! However, since she had given him the chance to do so, she should have stopped attacking him. Such a heinous act is completely unacceptable. If word of this gets out, it will only bring shame to her reputation and would drag the whole Heavenly Moon Empire down as well." The Left Protector shook her head, she simply does not like Su Lin's attitude at all. "It's a good thing that there's no one quite as brainless as her in the Underworld! If one wishes to attack another, they must have a justified reason so the world will stand on their side. This is why I had not tried to snatch the spiritual beast and why I had wanted to wait for the Young Master's arrival."

    The Heavenly Moon Emperor's face has become increasingly unsightly. His eyes turned sharply towards Su Lin who was in the arena and was just about to step forward to stop her trouble-making conduct when an angry roar which made Su Lin's entire body shiver was heard.

    "Lin'er, I've certainly indulged you far too much over the years which has resulted in your stubborn demeanor! Lady Gu is my guest and you're not allowed to treat her rudely!"

    Su Lin's face turned pale in an instant. She then bit her lips as her eyes filled with hurt.

    She never expected her father to watch her compete today.

    To have her father here to watch her compete would have been a good thing. Unfortunately, her father had stood up for Gu Ruoyun upon his arrival. This caused her hatred towards Gu Ruoyun to deepen even more!

    Mengmeng instantly acted as if it was facing a formidable enemy. Its fun stood on end as it stared vigilantly at the Regional King who had just descended from the sky.

    It does not know why but it felt that the Regional King was bad news. He certainly has an ulterior motive by treating Gu Ruoyun so courteously!

    "Lady Gu, I apologize for the grief you've suffered during your time at the Regional King's Mansion. I had intended to shut Su Lin away but I allowed her to be released on account of the competition." The Regional King joined his fists towards Gu Ruoyun and smiled. "Looks like you've had to endure a substantial amount of grief over these past few days. It's my fault for not educating my daughter properly which is why she has become so out-of-control."
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