1520 The Competition 6

    Logically speaking, when Gu Ruoyun had hit Su Lin several days ago in the Regional King's Mansion and washed her hands of the act, the Regional King should have felt a deep-seated hatred towards her. However, he still unexpectedly treated her with courtesy when they met again! Besides, she felt the taste of a conspiracy amidst this courtesy.


    Su Ling cried out in grief and glared fiercely at Gu Ruoyun. "Why do you keep standing up for this woman? Have you really fallen for her and forgotten about Mother? A woman like this..."


    A clear, sharp noise echoed through the arena. The Regional King's palm had landed on Su Lin's face. His heart throbbed with agony as he stared into his daughter's angry eyes yet his face continued to display a stern and cold air. "Haven't you had enough of shame? I've always been an upright man yet you've turned out to be spoiled and willful. Since your opponent has already admitted defeat, let him live. Why do you insist on exterminating him? Is this how I've raised you?"

    Su Lin bit her lips and did not respond. Her eyes filled with tears as her hatred toward Gu Ruoyun deepened.

    "The Regional King doesn't seem to be a bad person, at least he doesn't try to cover things up unreasonably."

    Dong Fang looked at the Regional King and exclaimed with praise, "I really don't know how such an upright Regional King had managed to nurture such an arrogant and willful daughter like Su Lin! They're both two extremes!"

    Gu Ruoyun did not spare the Regional King a further glance as she turned around and walked towards Mu Ying. She then reached out her hand to him and said, "I will avenge you."

    I will avenge you...

    Mu Ying was shaken as he grasped Gu Ruoyun's hand and allowed her to help him up. His eyes showed a sense of gratitude as he said, "Thank you."

    He knew that if Gu Ruoyun had not stepped out to save him this time, he would have suffered a fate worse than death!

    As for the Regional King...

    Mu Ying does not believe that a schemer like the Regional King would stop Su Lin without any other reason. Otherwise, he would not have stepped out at this moment after secretly watching the match in hiding! In addition, although the Regional King may be acting polite to Gu Ruoyun now, Mu Ying could sense a roaring sea hidden beneath the Regional King's courteous demeanor.

    This Regional King was not as upright as he seemed. The only thing was, Mu Ying could not figure out his true agenda...

    "Gu Ruoyun, I hope you won't lose too early!"

    Su Lin gritted her teeth and glared fiercely at Gu Ruoyun. "I will be waiting for you in the finals! You're no match for me based on my current level of power. By then, I will make you understand the true meaning of fear!"

    Once Su Lin had spoken, she no longer spared Gu Ruoyun a second glance before turning around to walk off the stage.

    "The winner of this round is Su Lin!"

    Elder Wuxu declared the results of this round after Su Lin left the stage. However, his eyes were filled with a sinister and cruel air when he looked at Gu Ruoyun! He would never forget that it was this woman who had ignored his orders and struck Lin You ten times!

    The next few rounds of the competition were rather uneventful.

    Leng Shang easily obtained victory in his round and Gu Ruoyun only had to step up onto the stage before her opponent, a young woman, admitted defeat immediately! Therefore, only Leng Shang, Gu Ruoyun, and Su Lin were successfully promoted to the next round of the competition!

    "There're only three more competitors left in the competition. Based on our policy, we will still be drawing lots! Those who have drawn a number shall be opponents. The one who has drawn a blank piece of paper shall stand aside and await the final battle!" Elder Wuxu cleared his throat as he declared in a hoarse voice.
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