1521 The Competition 7

    After Elder Wuxu had spoken, a eunuch carried a lottery box and approached Gu Ruoyun and the rest.

    It goes without saying that Gu Ruoyun was rather fortunate this time and had immediately drawn a blank piece of paper. She only needs to wait for the final round! As for Su Lin and Leng Shang, they entered the arena as the crowd watched.

    "What do you guys think? It's Leng Shang versus Su Lin, who will be the winner?"

    "I reckon it'll be Su Lin. Didn't you watch the last competition? Mu Ying, who was at the mid-stage of the exceptional state, was powerless to retaliate against her. It was simply a one-sided devastation!"

    "There's still some distance between a cultivator at the mid-stage and the late-stage of the exceptional state. I think both Leng Shang and Su Lin could stand a chance at winning so we shall have to see who's more powerful! By the way, can you guess what state Su Lin is at? I'm guessing that she must have broken through to the late-stage of the exceptional state."

    "Hehe, this competition is finally becoming more interesting, unlike the last few rounds which were so boring..."

    The crowd broke into a discussion in the rear garden as they turned interested eyes towards the contestants on the stage.

    "Leng Shang, I'll give you one chance. Surrender. You're no match for me."

    On the stage, Su Lin raised her head haughtily as she spoke arrogantly.

    Leng Shang's eyes darkened and he stared coldly at the woman in front of him. "I've never known how to write the word 'surrender'!"

    "Hmph." Su Lin scoffed icily and released the aura from her body before staring dominantly down at Leng Shang. "You're like an insect, you don't even warrant the use of my weapon! Since you refuse to admit defeat, I can only make you lose face in public!"


    A powerful energy erupted throughout the entire arena. Even the crowd beneath it could sense it very clearly.

    "Refined state! That's right, only a cultivator at the refined state would possess this type of power. Has Su Lin broken through to the refined state?"

    "If my memory serves, she has only broken through to the mid-stage of the exceptional state not too long ago. How had she managed to break through to the refined state in just three days? This is simply not logical!"

    The talents who had arrived to join the competition were all at the exceptional state. How could they possibly defend against the power of a cultivator in the refined state? They could not even withstand the slightest bit of it. Their faces drained of color as they stared in shock at Su Lin.

    "It's over!"

    Dong Fang's expression changed greatly and he cried out in shock, "I had thought that even if she had used some secret spell, she would only have been able to break through to the late-stage of the exceptional state. I did not expect her to leap into the refined state straightaway! There's no chance of success in the next round, Lady Gu, you'd better just admit defeat. While there's life there's hope. Regardless of your power, you're no match for Su Lin!"

    Gu Ruoyun did not seem to be aware of Dong Fang's words as she continued to stare icily at Su Lin with the same expression.

    It was likely that, out of everyone present, she was the only one who could remain steadfast...

    "Refined state?"

    Leng Shang licked his cracked lips and slowly rose to his feet beneath that powerful coercion. He then pulled out his weapon with and charged towards Su Lin like a bolt of lightning. His eyes were alight with a thick intent for battle.

    His movements were so swift that all the others could see was a flash of light. Suddenly, he reappeared in front of Su Lin.

    "You overestimate yourself!"

    Su Lin scoffed as her lips curled into a disdainful angle. She then threw a punch which smashed onto Leng Shang's chest.


    A powerful energy exploded into Leng Shang's chest and sent his body flying out of the way. He instantly spat out a mouthful of blood which dyed his chest red.
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