1526 The Treacherous Regional King 4

    "Who did you say would end up as a cripple if not dead?"

    Just as the group was secretly formulating their solemn vows, a clear and cold voice rang out from the arena.

    Covered in dust and ruin, the green-robed woman has emerged once again. A dark blue flame stirred around her body while a thin smile danced on her delicate and pure features.

    Su Lin's complacent smile stiffened and looked as if she had just seen a ghost. Her eyes widened in shock and her eyeballs seemed ready to pop out from her eye sockets.

    "How can this be? How can you possibly be alive? You had been clearly hit by my attack, how are you still alive?"

    Su Lin shook her head vigorously and stumbled backward. Her face was filled with disbelief.

    Gu Ruoyun laughed nonchalantly.

    Honestly speaking, she should thank Su Lin for causing such a ruckus. If her attack had not drawn so much dust, she would not have been able to use the Ancient Divine Pagoda to block the attack! After all, aside from the watchful eyes of the crowd, the members of the Underworld were watching as well. She could never allow the Ancient Divine Pagoda to appear before their eyes.

    Otherwise, she could not guess at the scale of the sensation it would create.

    Therefore, when faced with Su Lin's question, she only calmly replied, "I have no other special ability but I'm best at escaping. Therefore, your blow did not manage to reach me!"

    She was unsure if anyone else would believe her explanation but Su Lin did.

    Su Lin screamed and charged angrily towards Gu Ruoyun once again. At this moment, she has lost all sense of rationality and has only one thing on her mind - to torture this woman in front of her!

    "Su Lin, stop!"

    When he saw how Gu Ruoyun had emerged from the arena without a single hair out of place, the Regional King sensed that something was not right. His expression changed drastically and he quickly tried to stop Su Lin. However, it was clearly too late...

    A great wind whistled as the green-robed figure stood amongst the ruins. The woman's expression was indifferent and calm.

    Suddenly, a dark blue flame rose from her body. Those flames quickly gathered into the broken sword in her hands and instantly formed a dark blue blade!

    However, this blade does not have a form as it flickered and swayed in the wind.

    Su Lin, however, did not care about the blade which had formed from the flames. The blue sword in her hand was aimed towards Gu Ruoyun's head as she screeched, "Go to hell!"


    The two swords clashed in the sky and a powerful force erupted instantly and turned the entire arena into dust.

    Gu Ruoyun's blade was clearly forged from flames yet it was as hard as a boulder. After clashing with Su Lin's longsword, the blade it only swayed a little. In contrast, a crack had formed on Su Lin's blade. It was like a mark on the surface of a sledgehammer.

    "Those flames are extremely powerful!"

    The Left Protector's expression finally showed a sign of change, "If my guess is correct, this must be the legendary Nine Underworld Flames. How had she managed to obtain the Nine Underworld Flames?"

    The Nine Underworld Flames were placed at the frontmost in the ranks amongst the mystical flames in the mainland. She never expected to see them at a time like this!

    However, she covets the spiritual beast in Gu Ruoyun's hands even more than the Nine Underworld Flames...

    "So, just the Nine Underworld Flames isn't enough?" Gu Ruoyun looked at the pale-faced Su Lin and slowly raised her hand. A purple flame then danced continuously on her palm, "What if we include the Flames of World Devastation as well?"

    The Flames of World Devastation were the flames that Zixie carries on his body. Even though Zixie was now in a deep slumber, she could still mobilize the Flames of World Devastation.

    However, Gu Ruoyun has yet to try using two types of flames together in a battle.
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