1527 The Treacherous Regional King 5

    The purple flame slowly rolled down from her hand and gradually melted into the Nine Underworld Flames.

    Hence, the left side of the blade was made out of the Flames of World Devastation while the right side was the dark blue Nine Underworld Flames. The two colored flames merged nicely together, releasing a shockingly powerful energy.

    Su Lin was completely stunned. She does not know why but she sensed a powerful might from the broken sword. This force made her stumble backward.

    "Gu Ruoyun, I'm the Regional King's daughter and a genius in the Heavenly Moon Empire. You can't..."


    Before she could finish speaking, the twin flames on the broken sword charged towards her immediately as if they had grown eyes. The flames crashed onto her chest and she felt a severe pang of agony, causing her to scream in pain.


    Whether it was the Flames of World Devastation or the Nine Underworld Flames, it was not the flesh which had been hurt but the soul!

    Therefore, imagine the pain Su Lin was feeling as she was hit by the two flames.


    Death was far too for her simple now!

    Su Lin was no longer as haughty and complacent as before. Her face has turned extremely pale as cold sweat slowly rolled down from her forehead. It was so painful that she rolled around on the ground!

    If Gu Ruoyun had only used the Nine Underworld Flames, Su Lin could still use the blue sword to block the attack! However, the force from the two flames was too great. Su Lin could only feel the scorching temperature and shiver.

    Of course, the Left Protector's expression has also turned rather unsightly when she saw Su Lin's current state.

    "What a piece of trash, absolutely useless. I had wasted my effort in improving her and she has still lost in the end!" The Left Protector's eyes displayed a gloomy air as if she felt resentful towards Su Lin for failing to meet her expectations!

    It looks like she would have to snatch the Moon Soul Herb away for the Young Master's sake even if she has to resort to extortion!

    "It is just as that Lord had said, Gu Ruoyun is difficult to deal with!"

    The Regional King's eyes were filled with a cold and grim air. His gaze also carried a sense of darkness as he silently murmured in his heart, "Lin'er has truly fallen this time! If I stand up for Lin'er now, I would not be able to complete the task that the Lord has granted me. Therefore, I must abandon Lin'er!"

    Su Lin was his most treasured daughter so how could he not feel anguish? However, in contrast with Su Lin, it was clear that that Lord's matters were far more important!


    The Regional King glanced at the Left Protector as his gaze shifted several times and said, "Protector, you've asked my daughter to help you complete this matter. You can't just wash your hands and watch her die."

    When she heard the questioning tone in the Regional King's voice, the Left Protector scoffed icily, "How do you expect me to save her? She's the one who is so useless that she couldn't even kill Gu Ruoyun! She can't even complete such a simple task. If she's not rubbish, what is she?"

    "Left Protector, Gu Ruoyun has never stolen the Underworld's spiritual beast. Besides, you've even taught my daughter how to deal with her and told her your reasons for attacking Gu Ruoyun. Tell me, what would you do if I expose this matter to the public?"

    The Regional King smiled yet his tone carried a threatening air.

    Be it Gu Ruoyun or the members of the Underworld, they all have a grudge against that Lord. By doing this, he could make both enemies cannibalize each other! He, on the other hand, would only need to benefit from their dispute! If the Underworld really does manage to kill Gu Ruoyun, he would be able to smoothly complete that Lord's task. If Gu Ruoyun survives, she would end up hating the Underworld.
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