1528 The Treacherous Regional King 6

    The Left Protector's expression changed. Perhaps she never expected the Regional King to have the courage to threaten her.

    She turned towards the Heavenly Moon Emperor and scoffed, "I never thought that the citizens of Heavenly Moon Empire would turn out to be so bold. they even have the courage to threaten me, a Protector of the Underworld! Very well! Since you have the courage to threaten me, I will save her this one time. However, I will demand payment for everything that has happened today sooner or later!"

    The Heavenly Moon Emperor furrowed his brows and sent the Regional King a cold and sharp look before chiding him in a stern voice, "Regional King, don't forget the Left Protector's status. If you offend the Underworld, even We cannot protect you. You must apologize immediately!"


    The Regional King laughed icily as he watched the members of the Underworld walk into the arena. The corners of his lips curled into an angle as he replied, "Your Imperial Majesty, do not worry, I've already received the support of another powerful cultivator! If that cultivator were to act, not even ten Underworlds would be enough to defeat him! So, You need not worry too much about this matter."

    Despite this, the Regional King's heart violently ridiculed the Heavenly Moon Emperor.

    It's only one Underworld so why should we fear them so much? The Underworld is no longer as powerful as it was ten thousand years ago. We only need to wait for that Lord to break the seal and everyone in the Underworld would be destroyed!


    An Underworld disciple was looking around anxiously while waiting at the palace gates as if waiting for someone.

    Very soon, a portal appeared in thin air and a man stepped out.

    That man had silver hair and crimson robes. He stood with both arms behind his back while his peerless expression carried a gloomy air. With each step, he gave others a heavy, forceful feeling. As a result, the woman who had been quietly waiting at the palace gates threw herself to the ground with a thud and greeted with reverence, "Welcome, Young Master."

    "Where's the Moon Soul Herb?"

    The man's voice was very deep and pressed heavily like a stone upon the woman's head. The sensation caused her to be unable to lift her head and she could only bury her face in the ground.

    "Young Master, it's the last day of the competition so the Protector had asked me to wait here for you! The Imperial Majesty of the Heavenly Moon Empire is unwilling to give the Moon Soul Herb to the Protector and had asked the Protector to buy it off the champion of the competition!"

    The silver-haired man frowned when he heard this but did not do anything as he listened quietly to the next part of the Underworld disciple's words.

    "The Protector has bribed the remaining two geniuses who stand a high chance in obtaining first place. Only one other genius has refused to listen to the Protector's orders. Hence, your loyal and devoted Protector was furious! This time, the Protector had taken painstaking efforts in order to help you obtain the Moon Soul Herb. Unfortunately, that person was unable to differentiate good from bad and refused to place any importance upon the Underworld. She had even insulted us. That woman also holds a powerful spiritual beast in her possession. The Protector wanted to obtain that spiritual beast as a gift to you, Young Master, so she has planted a lie and claimed that that woman had stolen that spiritual beast from the Underworld."

    The woman gritted her teeth as she finally confessed.

    The green-robed man who was standing behind the silver-haired man looked at her with pity. It was indeed a tough job for her to be able to explain so much in the presence of the Young Master's great aura.

    "Xin Yu, out of curiousity, who would be so daring as to defy the Underworld?" The green-robed man looked at the woman as his eyes filled with curiousity.

    "Reporting to Protector Qing Ming, that woman's background is unclear. All we know is that her name is... Gu Ruoyun."
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