1531 A Meeting 3

    Sob, sob, Master, this man is very scary!

    The little fellow continued to shrink back as it tried to hide from the silver-haired man's eyes. However, the more its burrowed into Gu Ruoyun's robes, the colder Qianbei Ye's glare became until it even carried a faint bit of murderous intent.

    At this moment, the little fellow felt like it was an innocent victim. Who had I offended? Why is this demon-like man glaring at me and refusing to turn away? Could it be that he's taken a liking to my little anus?

    The little fellow quickly covered its little anus at the thought of this as its entire being trembled. It felt a great urge to bury its entire head into Gu Ruoyun's robes.

    I like women, not men!

    If this little fellow could speak, this would be what it would have yelled out.

    "Young Master?"

    The Left Protector carefully lifted her head to look at Qianbei Ye. When she noticed the murderous air surrounding him, her heart leaped. It seems that this time, this woman, Gu Ruoyun, was finished!

    As Qianbei Ye does not like being stared at, the members of the Underworld had lowered their heads upon his arrival and no one had seen the gentle emotion which had appeared in the man's eyes in the beginning.

    As the Left Protector spoke, Qianbei Ye took a step towards Gu Ruoyun. He then pulled the little fellow from Gu Ruoyun's chest without another word and held the struggling creature in his grasp.

    "Young Master!"

    When the Left Protector saw Qianbei Ye's actions, she finally gathered enough courage and looked at the peerless man who had his back against them as she spoke with reverence, "We've found the missing spiritual beast of the Underworld, this subordinate..."

    Just as the Left Protector was about to take credit for her actions, she saw the man wave his hand in front of her and the little fellow, which had been struggling in his grasp, was thrown aside.

    That was right!

    It had been cast aside without any hesitation!

    It was as if the little fellow was not a powerful spiritual beast but a mere object.

    The Left Protector was dazed as she stared puzzledly at Qianbei Ye. Her mind was a blank.

    Could it be that the Young Master does not cherish this spiritual beast? If he did not like this spiritual beast, why had he snatched it away in the first place?

    Qianbei Ye did not allow anyone the opportunity to process this. His eyes stared at Gu Ruoyun with grief and resentment as he spoke, "If it wasn't for the fact that this spiritual beast is still useful to you, I would have killed it by now! Every inch of your body belongs to me and no one is allowed to touch you, not even spiritual beasts!"

    After all, there were some parts of her that Qianbei Ye had not yet touched yet this little guy was so bold to actually place its claws on her breasts!

    How could he not feel aggrieved?


    The Left Protector was completely dazed as if she had been struck by lightning. Her mind was a mess as her eyes stared dazedly at Qianbei Ye.

    What does the Young Master mean by this?

    Why does it sound as if this woman is his lover?

    Everyone else was stunned as well. Each and every one of them did not dare to believe that this peerless man, whose face was full of resentment like a grieving wife, was actually the legendary Young Master of the Underworld! Also, the Left Protector had previously claimed that the Underworld's Young Master does not like Gu Ruoyun and she had even stolen the Underworld's spiritual beast?

    This plotline had reversed a little too quickly!

    Dong Fang was the first to return to his senses. He, who had been filled with anxiety, instantly straightened his back and complained, "Lord Young Master, the Underworld's Left Protector had previously claimed that Lady Gu had failed to seduce you so she had stolen a spiritual beast egg from the Underworld. Now, the Underworld is hunting her down! Oh, that's right, the Left Protector had even insulted Lady Gu and said that the members of the Underworld would never let her get away with it!"
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