1532 A Meeting 4

    Qianbei Ye mildly raised his brows when he heard Dong Fang's complaint. He then reached out and pulled Gu Ruoyun into his arms as his blood-red eyes stared at the little fellow, Mengmeng, who was stumbling towards them.

    Even though Qianbei Ye had not tortured the little fellow for Gu Ruoyun's sake, he had flung the little fellow rather violently earlier. Hence, the little fellow was furious and tears of grief were welling up within its eyes.

    "Wife, where had you managed to kidnap this little fellow from?" Qianbei Ye curled his lips as he asked quietly.

    He may not have answered Dong Fang's complain but his remark made two things clear.

    Number one, Gu Ruoyun was his wife; number two, he does not know this little fellow so, naturally, the matter surrounding Gu Ruoyun's theft in the Underworld was rendered null and void.

    The crowd was in a commotion and all eyes turned towards the Left Protector.

    At this moment, the Left Protector's face has drained of color and her body was trembling ceaselessly! In all her assumptions, she never expected the Young Master to be acquainted with Gu Ruoyun and for their relationship to be such...

    "You mean Mengmeng?" Gu Ruoyun raised her brow and giggled, "This fellow is the Secret Order's Sacred Beast. It had clung onto me when I left the Secret Order so I brought it with me to the Dark Earth Realm! Xiao Ye, now that I've found you and we'll be able to obtain the Moon Soul Herb after this, isn't it time for us to leave?"

    The Secret Order's Sacred Beast?

    Qianbei Ye chuckled softly, "I've heard of the Secret Order's Sacred Beast but I never thought that it would end up in your possession. However, there is one matter that I must take care of before we leave the Dark Earth Realm."

    The man then slowly turned his gaze towards the Left Protector who was kneeling on the ground. His gaze no longer displayed the tenderness he had shown to Gu Ruoyun as his blood-red eyes glowed with a bloodthirsty murderous intent.

    "Zuo Yu, are you aware of your crimes?"

    His voice was deep and gloomy and caused the Left Protector to shiver and nearly buried her head into the dirt.

    "Young Master, I... I was not aware of your relationship with her, please forgive me, Young Master?"

    "Qing Ming."

    Qianbei Ye glanced at the Left Protector as he calmly issued his instruction, "Zuo Yu has offended her superior and humiliated the Young Madam. Based on the Underworld's laws, how should we punish her?"

    "Replying to the Young Master." The green-robed man slowly stepped forward upon hearing this and joined his fists in reverence. "Any criminal who has committed the offense will be executed by a thousand cuts for a hundred days before having their soul scattered!"

    An execution of a thousand cuts for a hundred days means that they would only slice a bit of Zuo Yu's flesh from her body without killing her. She would only be allowed to die at the end of one hundred days! Also, her soul would be scattered after her death and she would never have the chance to be reborn!

    Therefore, upon hearing Qing Ming's response, the Left Protector slammed her head violently on the ground with a thump and spoke in a trembling voice filled with fear, "Spare me, Young Master, spare me, Young Master!"

    "Qing Ming, I'll leave this matter to you. Not only do I want her to suffer from a thousand cuts for a hundred days, I also want her soul burned for a thousand days. Only then will I allow her soul to scatter!"

    To burn her soul for a thousand days means setting her soul on fire with flames especially for dealing with souls for a thousand days. Only then would they allow for her soul to scatter!

    Not even the Underworld has ever experienced this kind of cruelty! However, Qianbei Ye had designed such a cruel punishment for the sake of venting Gu Ruoyun's frustrations.

    "No, Young Master, you can't do this to me!" The Left Protector screamed in horror. "If Gu Ruoyun truly is the Young Madam, I would have nothing to say even if you've destroyed my soul. However, she is not a member of the Underworld nor is she the Young Madam. The Elders and the Palace Lord will never allow you to marry her so I have not offended a superior!"

    Qianbei Ye looked at the struggling Zuo Yu and replied indifferently, "Once I marry Yun'er, I will use the world as her betrothal gift. This Underworld is also one of her betrothal gifts yet you say that she's not a member of the Underworld?"
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