1533 A Meeting 5

    Heaven and earth would be her betrothal gift!

    When Qianbei Ye had said those words, the Left Protector's face instantly turned very pale. She then stared at him with a lifeless look on her face.

    How many men in this world would speak such assertive words/ How many women would be worth having heaven and earth as their betrothal gift before being married? Now, the Young Master had just announced to the public that he would use heaven and earth as a betrothal gift to marry Gu Ruoyun.

    Suddenly, the Left Protector burst into laughter. Her laughter was filled with a maniacal air before she spoke very slowly, "Young Master, the Master has always wanted you to marry his daughter. He will never allow you to be with this woman! Even if you want to use the Underworld as a betrothal gift to her, I'm afraid that this will never happen. Hence, she will certainly never become a member of the Underworld!"

    The Left Protector had assumed that after saying these words, Qianbei Ye's face would change drastically. Who would have thought that the crimson-robed man would merely raise his brows and speak in a dark voice with an endless air of dominance?

    "The Master? What is he? As long as Yun'er wishes it, the Underworld shall be given to her. If she does not like it, the Underworld's existence would not be needed."


    The Left Protector had risen to her feet but before she could stand properly, she stumbled backward and fell heavily onto the ground. She never expected the Young Master to say such seditious words for the sake of a woman!

    "Young Master, the Palace Master is your Master. Why are you acting so rebelliously? If the Palace Master, as someone who had nurtured you wholeheartedly, were to find out about this, how sad would he be?"

    Even to this moment, the Left Protector was still trying to advise Qianbei Ye to mend his ways! Unfortunately, after Qianbei Ye had said those words, he had no longer spared her a second glance.

    "Qing Ming, take her away but don't kill her. I want her to suffer a fate worse than death!" Qianbei Ye's voice was gloomy and bloodthirsty, filled with a powerful murderous intent. "If anyone else in the Dark Earth Realm has the audacity to offend Yun'er, I will make them understand the true meaning of hell!"

    The true meaning of hell means that even if one wanted to die, one would not be able to do so!

    The Left Protector was paralyzed on the spot as her face filled with hopelessness. This time, she allowed Qing Ming to take her away and did not retaliate. Perhaps she now understands that resistance was futile when one falls into Qianbei Ye's grasp.

    The crowd sighed incessantly as they watched the misfortune unfold. As the saying goes, do not invite death and you will not die. If the Left Protector had not tried to frame Gu Ruoyun, Qianbei Ye would not have treated her this way.

    "Lord Young Master." Dong Fang's gaze darted back and forth before he suddenly pointed at Su Lin who was lying on the ground and said, "This woman had slandered Lady Gu and claimed that Lady Gu had seduced the Regional King in order to register for the competition. Also, Lin You of the Prime Minister's Mansion had tried to kill Lady Gu for Su Lin's sake. Furthermore, Elder Wuxu of the Heavenly Moon Empire, as Lin You's Master, had constantly caused trouble for Lady Gu. If Lady Gu had not been strong enough, her reputation would have been swept away and she would have died by their hands."

    When Dong Fang saw that Gu Ruoyun has such a powerful supporter, he completely disregarded all consequences and exposed the evil deeds of Su Lin and the others.

    Hence, Qianbei Ye's gloomy and cold red eyes slowly turned around and looked at the pale-faced Su Lin...

    If this had happened in the past, Su Lin would most certainly feel absolutely complacent with having the eyes of such a peerless man upon her. Now, however, when she sensed the man's murderous glare, she trembled and cried out in fear, "No, I didn't mean it, I really didn't do it on purpose. I don't want to die so spare me. As long as you spare me, I am willing to work extremely hard to repay you..."

    She was not done with living and she did not want to die just yet! If she had known that Gu Ruoyun and the Young Master of the Underworld were acquainted, she would never have incriminated her no matter how bold she was feeling...
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