1534 The Dust Settles 1

    "Yun'er, how would you like to punish her?"

    Qianbei Ye gently raised the corners of his lips but his eyes showed no hint of a smile. Instead, the look in his eyes when he stared at Su Lin was filled with a sharp murderous intent.

    "I'm fine with anything."

    Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and replied nonchalantly.

    Qianbei Ye fell silent for a moment when he heard this before he suddenly smiled, "Alright, since you have no particular preference Yun'er, I will deal with this woman!"

    He then turned to Dongfang who had stepped out to expose the situation and spoke in a low voice, "You, come here."


    Dong Fang shuddered as he pointed at himself and asked, overwhelmed by this unexpected favor.

    He never thought that the Underworld's Young Master mention him at this moment. How could a lowly person like him not feel joy?

    "This woman had slandered Yun'er and said that she's a seductress. I'll leave her to you and you'll find a hundred men to please her every day! If men will not do, find spiritual beasts! Furthermore, I will send members of the Underworld to ensure your safety. No one will be able to save her! Anyone who tries to save her will become the Underworld's enemy! Be it to the ends of the earth, I, Qianbei Ye, will not rest until the Underworld's enemies are dead!"

    Once these words had been spoken, the Regional King's expression turned an ugly shade. If Qianbei Ye had only planned to kill Su Lin, he would not be so enraged even though his heart would ache! Yet, this man was humiliating his daughter in that way, it was simply a slap in his face.

    However, the Regional King has had a long life so, naturally, he understood that if he were to make an enemy of Qianbei Ye now, things would not end well. Therefore, he forced his anger down as his eyes filled with hatred.

    "Gu Ruoyun, Qianbei Ye, I'll let you stay alive for a little while longer. When that Lord breaks free of that seal, doom will be upon you!"

    He clenched his fists tightly as the hatred in his heart deepened.

    In contrast to the Regional King's embarrassment, Dong Fang immediately felt excited when he heard Qianbei Ye's declaration. His voice filled with reverence as he answered, "Yes, Young Master."

    He then smiled sinisterly at Su Lin. His high-spirited features filled with complacency as his eyes filled with provocation while he spoke, "Su Lin, you probably never thought that this day would come when you attacked Gu Ruoyun, right? Haha, regardless of the Regional King's Mansion's great power, you are no match for the Underworld! Now that I have the Underworld's support, I'm not afraid of you!"

    Honestly speaking, Dong Fang was now rejoicing. Even though he had also looked down at Gu Ruoyun in the beginning, he had awoken to the truth in the end. Otherwise, he too would be sharing Su Lin's fate.

    "Who are the other two that you've mentioned?" Qianbei Ye remembered the last part of Dong Fang's announcement and frowned.

    "Who amongst you is Elder Wuxu and Lin You, show yourselves!"

    An elderly figure was trying to sneak out from the crowd when Qianbei Ye's words suddenly rang out. The old man's body trembled but his thirst for survival drove him to make his way out of the crowd!

    "That's him! That sneaky old man is Elder Wuxu. As for Lin You, he's still recuperating from his injuries in the Prime Minister's Mansion and is absent."

    Dong Fang's voice had rung aloud behind the old man. It was also at this moment that the crowd immediately parted around him, exposing the old man's figure in the rear garden.

    Elder Wuxu turned around tremblingly. His elderly figure shook nonstop and he no longer displayed his previously haughty demeanor.
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