1536 The Dust Settles 3

    As they were thinking about this, someone in the crowd cried out, "Sir Dong Fang, may I ask how much do Su Lin's services cost?"

    Regardless of everything, Su Lin was once considered as the top beauty in the Heavenly Moon Empire. Even though she was a busty but airheaded idiot, there were many who wish to have a taste of her! Now that there was such a good opportunity at hand, why would they give it up so easily?

    "This..." Dong Fang fell into a deep silence before he replied, "A hundred gold pieces each time? No, no, no. The price of a hundred gold pieces is too expensive, Su Lin can't be sold for such a good price. If it's too expensive, no one would want her! How about this, one gold piece for each time and it's first come, first serve. It doesn't matter whether it's you, your spiritual beast or the cat, dog, mouse, or ant in your home who has the need, you can come to see me for her services. Everyone is welcome!"

    Su Lin nearly spat out a mouthful of blood in anger. Her face turned red as she glared fixedly at Dong Fang.

    She glared at him as if she wanted to tear him into a million pieces!

    Did this fellow just proclaim that I'm only worth one gold piece? In the Dark Earth Realm, even a steamed bun is worth more than one gold piece! He has actually humiliated me in this manner! Besides, he even said that he wouldn't even refuse a cat, dog, mouse, or an ant?

    "I'm the daughter of the Regional King, you can't treat me this way! If you abuse me, my father will kill you all!"

    Su Lin cried out until her voice had gone hoarse. There was utter humiliation in her features and she clenched her fists tightly while her bosom filled with an uncontrollable hatred.

    "Haha, Su Lin, your father isn't going to save you. You've offended the Underworld's Young Master, there's no way for your father to save you now!"

    Dong Fang burst into laughter as he stared at the struggling Su Lin with disdain.

    "Mu Ying, your time for revenge has arrived. Let's drag Su Lin away now and use her to do business from now on! This is the duty given to us by the Young Master."

    Mu Ying nodded when he heard Dong Fang's words. He then sent Kang Shaojie, who was standing next to him, a knowing look before stepping forward to apprehend Su Lin.

    Both of them were of no match for Su Lin in the past. Now, however, Su Lin was heavily injured and does not even have the energy to stand up, what more fight back.

    "No, stop! Stop that right now! Father, save me, I don't want to go with them!"

    Su Lin screamed anxiously when she saw she was about to fall into their hands. She stared at the Regional King who was standing next to the Heavenly Moon Emperor as her eyes begged him to save her!

    The Regional King's heart trembled when he saw Su Lin's terror. He then slowly closed his eyes as his handsome features displayed a sense of helplessness.

    Su Lin eventually stopped struggling. The expression in her eyes had turned from alarm to a dull and lifeless look. Tears soon filled her eyes and slowly rolled down her face.

    At a time like this, her body showed the true meaning of despair!

    That was right!

    Su Lin has truly lost all hope. She could not believe that her father, who had treasured her so deeply from a young age, would just stand aside and watch her drown...


    At the temporary Imperial residence.

    A woman dressed in green robes was standing next to a window in a luxurious and imposing bedchamber. She stared at the sky and her thoughts were shrouded in mystery.

    Just then, an arm wrapped around her waist as a familiar breath skimmed over her ear, causing her to tremble slightly. After a long pause, she relaxed. With her back against the man, she asked him, "Xiao Ye, is there anything you wish to tell me?"


    Qianbei Ye lowered his eyelids and smiled gently as his eyes filled with tenderness, "What would you like to know? I will tell you everything."
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