1540 Brother And Sister Meet Again 2

    The full circle state was the closest to a godly state in this existence! The Heavenly Moon Emperor has reached the ninth transformation state. Though he was at the early stage of the ninth transformation state, he could be considered to be close to the peak of perfection. However, he knew that his potential was at its limit. There was no way for him to possibly continue to break through! As for reaching the full circle state, that was even more unattainable!

    However, there was one exception amongst these impossibilities!

    The Ancient Divine Pagoda!

    With something like the Ancient Divine Pagoda in his possession, forget about the Heavenly Moon Empire, even the Underworld would cease to exist for him! However, the Heavenly Moon Emperor never thought that Gu Ruoyun would have the Ancient Divine Pagoda in her possession. No wonder her talents were so great...

    "Your Imperial Majesty, what do You think? If You wish to have that Ancient Divine Pagoda, I will willingly lend You a hand!" The Regional King had obviously noticed the ripple of emotion on the Heavenly Moon Emperor's face and his lips curled into a creepy smile.

    Gu Ruoyun, even though you're now aided by the Underworld, I won't let you get away so easily!

    The Heavenly Moon Emperor slowly closed his eyes. After a long pause, he opened them again and a sense of determination flashed in his expression. "Regional King, We will leave this matter in your hands! You are allowed to mobilize the cultivators of the Empire but We need you to make sure of one thing! You mustn't let anyone witness your annihilation of them no matter what. Otherwise, if this matter gets back to the Underworld, We will not be able to explain it."

    "At Your Imperial Majesty's command!"

    The Regional King joined his fists and withdrew after receiving his orders.

    As he turned around to leave the palace, a sinister smile crept up upon his face. That smile was complacent and wicked as well as filled with a determination for victory.

    To not let anyone find out about the Heavenly Moon Empire's role in the destruction of the Underworld's Young Master? What a joke! Once I've successfully obtained the Ancient Divine Pagoda, I will expose this matter. When that time comes, the Underworld will certainly send their men to war against the Heavenly Moon Empire!

    As for me, as long as the Ancient Divine Pagoda is in my grasp, I will escape to a faraway place and leave the terrible mess here to this idiot, the Heavenly Moon Emperor!

    It's his fault for being so brainless and so easily manipulated. Hahaha!

    The Regional King felt the urge to throw his head back and burst into laughter at the thought of this. However, as the Heavenly Moon Emperor was still present on the Dragon's Throne, it was wiser for him to hide his emotions now.

    After the Regional King had departed, a black figure appeared in the previously silent palace.

    It was an old man dressed entirely in black. He was eerie and terrifying and his entire being released a cold, gloomy air as he asked in a hoarse voice, "Your Imperial Majesty, may I ask what is Your bidding?"

    "Gui Yi, you will follow the Regional King and carry out the task with him." The Heavenly Moon Emperor then narrowed his gaze as a murderous intent flashed in his eyes. "Once the Ancient Divine Pagoda is safely in his possession, you will get rid of him!"

    The black-robed old man showed no sign of astonishment nor did he look shocked. He only lowered his head with reverence and continued to speak in a hoarse voice, "Yes, Your Imperial Majesty!"

    It was likely that the Regional King, who has been an intelligent man all his life, would never have expected that in his pursuit for a narrow gain, he had neglected a greater danger! Just as he thought that he had fooled the Heavenly Moon Emperor and manipulated him, the latter was well aware of the situation! He even had a backup plan!

    "This Regional King is wildly ambitious. We reckon that half the people he'll send this time will be his own men. That's a good thing too so We won't lose too many of Our own. By then, you must get rid of everyone you've brought with you to avoid any rumors from leaking! At this point, We have no means to face the Underworld head-on!"
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