1541 Brother And Sister Meet Again 3

    After receiving his orders, the black-robed man joined his fists and replied with reverence, "As You command, Your Imperial Majesty!"

    The black-robed man then withdrew. Once he had left, the entire palace returned to its previously chilly atmosphere as the Heavenly Moon Emperor stared coldly at the tightly shut palace door, his thoughts unreadable.


    A gentle breeze was blowing through the tranquil forest. Qianbei Ye, who was holding Gu Ruoyun in his arms, suddenly paused as a smile crept up on his peerless features.

    "Yun'er, do you think that the Regional King would let us get away with it after attacking Su Lin?"

    Gu Ruoyun sensed something and smiled calmly. "The world believes that the Regional King is a reasonable man but I seem to feel that it's not the case! If the Regional King was really that reasonable, he would not have produced a daughter like Su Lin. Am I right, Xiao Ye?"

    "That's correct." Qianbei Ye nodded as he looked at the rustling tree branches. The smile on his face grew even more pronounced as he said, "Since you're already here, come out! There's no need to play hide and seek."


    Just as Qianbei Ye had spoken, a subtle change occurred in the entire forest. Even the surroundings seem to have frozen over!

    Countless figures then showed themselves from out of thin air, surrounding the couple.

    The leader of this group was clearly the Regional King. His gentle features no longer displayed his usual warmth but a strange and sinister air instead!

    "You're indeed the Underworld's Young Master to have been able to detect our presence!" The Regional King scoffed icily as his knifelike glare turned towards Qianbei Ye. "Did you think that after hurting my daughter, I will let you get away so easily?"

    Qianbei Ye slowly turned around and a red light glowed within his crimson eyes as he laughed indifferently, "Even if you had not come here, I wouldn't have spared you either."

    Because this man carries an unclear agenda towards Gu Ruoyun! Even if Qianbei Ye has yet to find out what the Regional King's agenda was, he would never let this man threaten Gu Ruoyun further.

    He would kill this dangerous seed in its budding stage!

    "Haha, if you had been in the Underworld's territory, I would not be able to threaten you at all. Unfortunately, you had not brought the Underworld's cultivators with you this time! On your own, you're no match for me!"

    The Regional King burst into laughter and his mirth carried a sense of mockery, "Qianbei Ye, you're no longer that popular figure of the mainland ten thousand years ago. Otherwise, I reckon that not a single person in this world now would dare to provoke you."

    Once the Regional King had spoken, the temperature around them plummeted. The crimson-robed man stared coldly at the Regional with his bloodthirsty eyes. His gloomy voice carried a thick murderous air as he spoke.

    "What is your connection to that man?"

    Others may not understand what Qianbei Ye had meant but to the Regional King, his meaning could not be any clearer.

    However, he did not respond to Qianbei Ye's question and turned towards Gu Ruoyun instead. "At first, I had not intended to fight you so early! However, you've pushed me to this degree and I've no choice but to step in! Gu Ruoyun, if you want to be left with a whole corpse, hand over the Ancient Divine Pagoda!"

    The Ancient Divine Pagoda?

    Gu Ruoyun's eyes sharpened and her chilly gaze flashed with murderous intent.

    The Ancient Divine Pagoda was her greatest secret. How had the Regional King found out about its existence?

    Could it be...

    Suddenly, a possibility flashed across Gu Ruoyun's mind. Her eyes carried a solemn air as she replied, "Are you in cahoots with that fellow who had once killed Zixie?"
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