1542 Brother And Sister Meet Again 4

    That year, Zixie was killed by a man who had addressed himself as 'this Holy One' when he had tried to save her. It was a good thing that Zixie could be reborn in flames and had returned to her side since. He was the only one who knows that the Ancient Divine Pagoda was in her possession.

    If the Regional King was aware of the Ancient Divine Pagoda's existence, that explains his previous attitude towards her! He had wanted to invite her into the Regional King's Mansion because of the Ancient Divine Pagoda.

    However, there was something else that Gu Ruoyun does not understand. She stared at the man who was standing in midair and asked, "Zuo Shangchen had once told me that his Master was acquainted with you. I really want to know how you are related to his Master."

    Hearing this, the Regional King laughed icily and replied with disdain, "Your status does not grant you the right to know about this! Men, kill them! As long as Gu Ruoyun dies, I'll have a way to obtain the Ancient Divine Pagoda!"


    At that moment, the men behind the Regional King drew their weapons and charged towards Gu Ruoyun immediately.


    However, before one of the first attackers could react, a leg had been violently lodged his chest. A chunk of flesh was gouged from his chest and though he did not bleed, the cultivator fell immediately with a heavy thump.

    "Yun'er, leave these people to me."

    Qianbei Ye was holding Gu Ruoyun's waist tightly as he spoke in a deep voice, "I won't let any harm come to you."

    A hand landed gently on his wrist.

    He shivered and turned around to face a pair of smiling eyes.

    "Xiao Ye, I've told you that I do not want to be the woman behind you. I want to fight next to you and not rely on you for everything."

    The woman's eyes were calm and sober. Her voice was filled with determination, touching his heart with great ease.

    He laughed solemnly in spite of himself. "Alright, I'll leave these people to you. As for the Regional King, let me deal with him, alright?"

    Gu Ruoyun nodded. She knew herself well and the Regional King was a cultivator at the late stage of the refined state. She would be unable to fight him at all! Even though she does not wish to become the woman behind Qianbei Ye, she would not try to show off her merits after knowing that she was no match for her opponent.

    That kind of attitude would not be considered bravery but stupidity!

    "Yun'er, let's have a race and see who defeats our enemies first?" Qianbei Ye laughed. "If I defeat the Regional King first, you'll let me kiss you. If you finish first, I will... I will be forced to let you dominate me once. Alright?"

    Gu Ruoyun rolled her eyes at him and said, "Why do I get the feeling that if I win this round, I'd still be at a loss?"

    "How is that the case?" Qianbei Ye inched himself towards Gu Ruoyun's ear as he disregarded everyone else around them. His voice was rather intoxicating as he whispered, "I had bullied you last night so don't you want to ruin me too? If you win, I'll let you ravage me."

    The man's breath brushed against her earlobe. Coupled with the insinuation in those words, it caused Gu Ruoyun to narrow her eyes as a light flashed across her chilly gaze.

    "Will you keep your word?"

    "Of course," Qianbei Ye chuckled. "Furthermore, I'll even give you a half-an-incense headstart."


    Gu Ruoyun laughed indifferently, "Let's have a race to see who defeats his or her opponent first!"

    Do not judge the situation simply because Gu Ruoyun's opponents were larger in number. Most of her opponents were at the early stage of the refined state while some were even at the mid-stage of the refined state! However, they still could not be compared to the Regional King who was at the late stage of the refined state!Pervy Qianbae that's not /really/ what you mean, is it? :PGet a room, Qianbae. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)This is around 15 minutes' time in the modern sense. :)
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