1543 Brother And Sister Meet Again 5


    The flirtatious banter between the two despite being surrounded by so many people thoroughly angered the Regional King. The last part of Qianbei Ye's words caused his hair to stand on end from head to toe and a murderous air to envelope his entire body as he coldly remarked, "Qianbei Ye, you are far too savage! I'd love to see how you plan on dealing with us!"

    The Regional King then laughed icily before his body charged violently like a strong hurricane towards the silver-haired man in crimson robes who was standing on the ground.


    A raging tornado rose and dust flew into the air.

    Powerful energy erupted from the pair. Trees were uprooted from the forest and sucked into the tornado! The Regional King was a little shocked, he never thought that Qianbei Ye would be able to block his attack. His eyes sank.

    "I had promised Yun'er that I would give her a headstart for the time it takes for an incense stick to burn halfway so I won't kill you within this period of time. However, you will only remain alive for as long as half an incense."

    Qianbei Ye raised the corners of his lips as a red light formed in his bloodthirsty eyes. He had spoken as if the Regional King was of no great importance to him!


    The Regional King scoffed icily but his eyes carried a solemn air.

    "You're indeed that Lord's old enemy. In just a short few years, you've managed to restore your powers to the late-stage of the refined state. I've indeed underestimated you this time! However, this is also my only chance. If I allowed you to return to the Underworld, I won't ever have such a good opportunity to kill you in the future and to take the Ancient Divine Pagoda!"

    As he spoke, the Regional King released his attack once again! However, regardless of the scale of his attack, Qianbei Ye would evade him continuously. He only placed his hands firmly behind his back as he stared coldly at the Regional King who was attacking relentlessly.

    For the sake of Gu Ruoyun's victory...

    Ah, no. I should say that in order to enjoy the taste of being dominated by Gu Ruoyun, I can't be the one to win, no matter what!


    At this moment, aside from the Regional King and Qianbei Ye who were now fighting each other, there were the other cultivators of the Empire who had also tagged along! These cultivators now placed their attention on Gu Ruoyun as murderous intent overflowed from their being.

    "Let's go, this woman is only at the late stage of the exceptional state. She's no match for so many of us!"

    One of them remarked. The group then charged towards Gu Ruoyun.

    A battle could happen at any moment!

    Gu Ruoyun's expression showed no change as she faced the fiendish cultivators of the Empire. She stood tall amidst the wild winds with her green robes fluttering. Her fine hair danced continuously in the wind as her chilly eyes stared coldly at the cultivators of the Empire.

    "Ten are at the early stage of the refined state while five at the mid-stage of the refined state. The Heavenly Moon Empire truly holds me in high esteem to send so many powerful cultivators after me."

    The woman gently raised the corners of her lip and a smile appeared on her delicate and pretty features. She then lowered her head and gently stroked the agitated little fellow in her arms as the smile on her face grew even more pronounced.

    "Mengmeng, there's no need for you to step in here. Since Xiao Ye and I have a bet, I'll handle these people personally."


    As soon as Gu Ruoyun had spoken, the earth began to shake before a large sword rose from thin air to stand upright behind her!

    The great sword was as tall as a man. Its blade was red in color and one could faintly make out a few dragons which were slithering around in its blade! Those nine dragons alone could make one feel suffocated.
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