1544 Brother And Sister Meet Again 6

    "This is the first battle I'm engaging in since I've successfully gained control of the Nine Emperors. Why don't I use you to practice on? What do you think?

    Her eyes turned towards the dazed crowd as she smiled gently.

    However, the Heavenly Moon Empire's cultivators lived only to give their lives for their country. Ever since they had entered the Empire, they had known that this would be their conclusion. Hence, they only froze for a moment before continuing to charge towards Gu Ruoyun.

    Fifteen surrounded Gu Ruoyun so tightly that not even a fly could have flown out of the circle.

    "Gu Ruoyun, we're only following our orders. If you hand over the Ancient Divine Pagoda, we'll grant you a swift and peaceful death!"

    "Orders?" Gu Ruoyun smiled, "I wonder if this order had come from the Regional King or the Heavenly Moon Emperor?"

    Hearing this, the men laughed, "We're the citizens of the Empire so we would naturally follow the orders of our Emperor! You better surrender like a good girl, struggling will do you no good!"

    "If I refuse?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brow as she replied calmly.

    "Refuse? Hmph, I'm afraid you don't have that right!"

    The group did not hesitate further as they swiftly drew their weapons and charged towards Gu Ruoyun.

    As the crowd charged towards her, a crack suddenly formed in the air, carrying a dreadful aura! If Gu Ruoyun were only an average cultivator in the late stage of the exceptional state, it was likely that she would not have been able to face the auras of these people!

    Unfortunately, before they could even reach Gu Ruoyun, their auras had been swept away by the Nine Emperors.

    "Nine Emperors, ever since your awakening, I've never had the chance to fight alongside you. Now, we can finally face our enemies together." Gu Ruoyun raised her hand and held the sword, which was taller than her, in her grasp.

    At that moment, a bizarre sensation coursed through her heart! That sensation was similar to the reappearance of a comrade in battle whom she had not met in a long time. Furthermore, she felt as though this was how it was meant to be.

    Honestly speaking, the Nine Emperors had recognized her as its Master for while now. However, the Nine Emperors would usually attack on its own when it emerged! This was the first time the two of them would fight hand-in-hand!


    The Nine Emperors seemed to sense the excitement in Gu Ruoyun's heart and its blade let out a buzzing noise. A bright red light rained over the blade like blood.


    Before the cultivators of the Empire could get any closer to Gu Ruoyun, they saw her disappear into thin air. They had no time to return to their senses as a muffled tone suddenly rang out like the sound of a sharp object piercing through someone's chest.

    As the crowd froze in shock, they suddenly that noticed one of the Empire's cultivators, who was at the early stage of the refined state, had been cut in half from the waist. Blood sprayed into the azure sky, dyeing it red.


    The Regional King, who was in the midst of his fight against Qianbei Ye, suddenly turned towards Gu Ruoyun and saw her slicing the man in half.

    Though he knows about Gu Ruoyun's power, he did not know that this woman was this powerful!

    Despite being surrounded by so many powerful cultivators from the Empire, she had been able to slice one of them in half. Furthermore, that person did not even have the chance to react...

    "Be careful, all of you! This woman's power is not as simple as it seems!"

    Clearly anxious, the Regional King cried out. His expression finally showed a sign of change.

    He had thought that he could stall Qianbei Ye to allow those people to deal with Gu Ruoyun! As long as Gu Ruoyun dies, he could escape to a faraway place after obtaining the Ancient Divine Pagoda! As for Qianbei Ye... He would leave the Emperor to deal with him!
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