1545 Brother And Sister Meet Again 7

    However, he never expected Gu Ruoyun's power to be this great. Perhaps they would fall in this place!

    The more the Regional King thought of this, the more anxious he felt. His attacks grew muddled as his handsome face was drenched in sweat.


    In contrast to the anxiety amongst the members of the Empire, Gu Ruoyun looked rather calm. Her chilly eyes showed no sign of emotion. However, because of her actions in bloodshed, it also exposed her to the eyes of the world.

    "Attack, kill this woman!"

    A grey-robed man in the mid-stage of the refined state amongst the cultivators of the Empire coldly issued the order! The group then made their move once again. Perhaps it was because of the initial shock that Gu Ruoyun had given them because this time, no one left where they originally stood and only inched towards her.

    As the group approached her, the circumference around her became smaller. Soon, they were right in front of her.

    Everyone then released their attacks aimed towards Gu Ruoyun at the same time! This way, no matter the extent of Gu Ruoyun's power, she would not be able to counter so many attacks...

    However, as the crowd released their attacks towards Gu Ruoyun, she did not bother to avoid the attacks and she charged head-on towards the group.

    Previously, in order to prevent Gu Ruoyun from escaping, several cultivators had remained in midair as the rest surrounded her. These cultivators had also released their attacks with the intention to smash Gu Ruoyun's head. If she was unable to dodge this attack, her skull would crack and she would die without a whole corpse!

    However, what they never expected was that this green-robed woman would charge directly towards them...

    "Nine Emperors, attack!"


    Just as Gu Ruoyun had issued the order, a ray of red light flashed all of a sudden followed by a dragon's roar. Her attack suddenly landed upon the group and before they could react, their bodies had been flung out of the way before thudding heavily on the ground.

    Due to Gu Ruoyun's sudden escape, the group surrounding her were unable to stop their attacks in time and hit their own comrades instead. This was followed by a sensationally loud noise as members of the group were sent flying out of the way. They hit the ground and began to spit out blood continuously.

    "They've only been struck out of the way?" Gu Ruoyun looked at the group that she had sent flying out of the way. She shook her head and sighed, "Looks like my power is still not strong enough. If I had been stronger, they would not have been simply flung out of the way. They would have been killed instantly."

    Before the group could crawl to their feet, they overheard the woman's mutterings. It made them so angry that they nearly spat out a mouthful of blood and die.

    Come on, those people she had just smashed away were at the mid-stage of the refined state! As a cultivator in the late stage of the exceptional state, not only was she not afraid when faced with so many refined state cultivators, she had even managed to swat the refined state cultivators away after being surrounded.

    However, she was still unsatisfied. That exasperated look on her face gave them the urge to charge towards her and flatten her!


    A dragon roared from the Nine Emperors and turned the legs of the Empire's cultivators, who was just about to rise to their feet, into mush. They nearly crumbled back onto the ground.

    "Little girl, you're indeed not powerful enough so you can't completely harness the Nine Emperors' true power."

    Just then, an elderly voice rang out from the Nine Emperors' blade. "Previously, the Nine Emperors had been in a deep slumber. Even if it had fought for you a few times, it has never been fully awakened. Despite that, the Nine Emperors still holds great power at that time! That was the Nine Emperors' own power! Now that it has fully awakened, its power will fluctuate according to your own."
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