1549 Brother And Sister Meet Again 11

    Zuo Shangchen's words made Gu Ruoyun's heart throb in pain. She never expected Gu Shengxiao to have made such a choice after her departure.

    "What should I do? How can I save him?"

    Zuo Shangchen shook his head. "If he were only a half-puppet, the Moon Soul Herb could have resolved this. However, based on his current situation, even the Moon Soul Herb is useless."

    At that moment, Gu Ruoyun's heart sank into an all-time low. Her body gradually tensed up as well.

    Qianbei Ye seemed to sense the pain in her heart and tightened his grip on her hand, "Actually, if you wish to save him, it's not like there isn't a way."

    "Xiao Ye, do you have a way?"

    Hearing Qianbei Ye's words, Gu Ruoyun's heart froze as she quickly raised her head to look at him.

    Zuo Shangchen also turned his head towards the silver-haired man in crimson robes. His phoenix eyes filled with excitement.

    "Yun'er, you are a Pill Master so only you can accomplish this." Qianbei Ye looked at Gu Ruoyun and sighed. "I've once heard of a certain type of pill known as the Celestial Puppet Pill! It is said that if someone was accidentally transformed into a puppet, this pill can help to free them from their shackles! However, it's unfortunate that refining the Celestial Puppet Pill is particularly difficult."

    "Xiao Ye, what are the ingredients? I must save him, no matter what!"

    A sense of determination appeared in Gu Ruoyun's eyes. Her older brother has transformed into a puppet for her sake. She could never give up even if there was only one small sliver of hope.

    "You already have one of the ingredients for the pill - the Heavenly Soul Herb. What you are missing are the Blood Drop Fruit, Sorceror's Enchantment Blossom, and Ancient Dragon's Bile! The Blood Drop Fruit can be found in the Underworld while the Sorceror's Enchantment Blossoms can be found in the Deserted Snowlands at the northern part of East Peak Mainland. As for the Ancient Dragon's Bile... The Dragon King who resides within the Divine Weapon in your hands is one of the ancient dragons. Ask him where he has hidden his physical body and extract the bile from it. He's only existing in spirit form anyway so his physical body is of no use to him."

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent. After a long pause, she said, "It is said that powerful humans or spiritual beasts can still reincarnate if they have their physical bodies. If I extract the dragon's bile, the Dragon King will never be able to reincarnate again! I really want to save Big Brother but the Dragon King is still my friend. If I can avoid hurting him, I'll try my best to do so. He's not the only ancient dragon in the world anyway. I can find another ancient dragon and extract its bile."

    "Hehe," Overhearing Gu Ruoyun's response, an elderly voice instantly chimed in. "Little girl, ancient dragons can't be found so easily. You had saved me anyway so if you need that body of mine, take it. Whether I can reincarnate or not it is of no consequence to me. However, I'll still like to thank you for considering me your friend."

    Qianbei Ye looked at the Nine Emperors and replied calmly, "Once Yun'er reaches a certain state, she'll be able to help reconstruct your physical body. However, you must stay by her side and aid her before then!"

    Hearing this, the Dragon King's heart filled with excitement. How could he not feel excited at the prospect of having his body reconstructed?

    Besides, he believes that Gu Ruoyun was capable of doing that! Hence, what was wrong with letting her use his physical body since she requires it?

    "Don't worry, little girl, that body of mine is truly useless to me. Take my dragon's bile boldly. However, my physical body is located within the Dragon Clan and I'm afraid it won't be that easy for you to convince those people to hand it over. If you really run into trouble, I will show myself and help you."

    "Then I thank you very much." Since the Dragon King has given his blessing, Gu Ruoyun accepted it without further ceremony. "Xiao Ye, let's go to the Underworld to get the Blood Drop Fruit. As for that Sorceror's Enchantment Blossom..."Author wrote this as *Zuo Shangchen* but I've changed it to *Qianbei Ye* for accuracy.
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