1550 Brother And Sister Meet Again 12

    "I will retrieve the Sorceror's Enchantment Blossom."

    Before Gu Ruoyun could finish her sentence, Zuo Shangchen chimed in and said, "I'll leave the Blood Drop Fruit and the Ancient Dragon's Bile to you. It's more convenient for you to retrieve those two items while I search for the Sorceror's Enchantment Blossom. It's also faster this way to prevent the Wen family from controlling Shengxiao completely."

    "Alright," Gu Ruoyun nodded. "By the way, evildoer, how do you plan on leaving this place?"

    Last night, Qianbei Ye had told her that there were many paths into the Dark Earth Realm but in order to leave, everyone must pass through the area guarded by the Three-Headed Hell Dragon.

    Hence, she could not think of how Zuo Shangchen was going to leave.

    Hearing this, Zuo Shangchen smiled and replied, "Don't worry. Since I can make my way into this place, I can also find a way to leave!"

    Seeing that the other party was not willing to explain himself, Gu Ruoyun did not pursue any further. She only sighed and said, "Evildoer, watch your back. Let's meet up on the East Peak Mainland."

    "Take care."

    Zuo Shangchen joined his fists as a farewell. After that, the peach-blossom figure hurriedly made his way into a far-off distance, vanishing before their very eyes in an instant.

    Qianbei Ye did not say a word as his scarlet eyes stared at the direction of Zuo Shangchen's departure. He seems to have noticed something and a red light glinted in his eyes.

    However, he did not say a word and turned around to hold Gu Ruoyun, "Yun'er, let's go. Let's make our way to the Underworld now."


    Gu Ruoyun nodded and followed Qianbei Ye towards the Underworld's direction...


    The Underworld.

    The fragrance of sandalwood wafted through an exquisitely-furnished room. A woman dressed in yellow robes was seated next to the bed with her eyes gently closed in meditation. Her outstandingly refined features carry a peaceful and auspicious air as it merged with the white incense's smoke which filled the chamber.

    "Young Lady, Lin Dong is here to send a report."

    A voice rang out from outside the door. The yellow-robed woman slowly opened her eyes when she heard that voice and replied, "Enter."

    "Yes, Young Lady."

    The room's door was pushed open and a man dressed in the Underworld Protector's uniform walked in.

    He half-knelt on the ground and reported with reverence, "Reporting to the Young Lady. Based on my thorough investigation, the Young Master had left the underworld to look for one person!"

    "One person?" The yellow-robed woman's eyes landed upon the Underworld Protector as she asked, "Do you know who he was searching for?"

    "Replying to the Young Lady, I've heard whispers that the Young Master had made his way to the Heavenly Moon Empire not only to meet a girl, he had also addressed her as the Young Madam of the Underworld - his wife. Furthermore, he had punished the Left Protector and her group for the sake of that woman. They will have to face the most severe form of punishment in the Underworld."

    The yellow-robed woman listened quietly to her subordinate's report. After a long pause, she replied indifferently, "Alright, I understand. You may leave."

    "Yes, Young Lady."

    Upon saying his piece, the Underworld Protector retreated.

    After the Protector had left, a figure appeared out of thin air in the once silent room.

    It was an old woman with a face full of wrinkles. Her crumpled features carried a sense of anger as she spoke, "Master, are you going to allow the Young Master to search for another woman just like that? If I was in this position, I would never tolerate my man going after other women!"

    The yellow-robed woman looked at the old woman and replied with a calm look on her face, "You should know that Qianbei Ye does not like me! I had followed father's order to approach him yet he does not care for me. I've only seen him twice and he had asked me to get lost both times! Besides, I had sensed that his body would emit a murderous intent each time he chased me away."
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