1551 Brother And Sister Meet Again 13

    "But Master, his position was a gift from the Palace Lord and the Palace Lord wants him to marry you. Would he have the audacity to reject the Palace Lord's request?" asked the old woman unevenly.

    The yellow-robed woman laughed bitterly before shaking her head and sighing, "It's true that father wishes for me to marry him because only then will I be able to become the next Palace Lady! That way, the Fang family's legacy can endure forever! The Palace Lord's words alone don't hold much power in the Underworld and it's those old fellows who truly make the final decisions! However, every Palace Lord had been chosen from the members of the Underworld before being nurtured by those old men. That's how they had been able to fully control the state of the Underworld! This is the first time we've ever selected an outsider as the Young Palace Lord."

    The yellow-robed woman paused at this point before continuing, "Which is why I can't seem to figure out Qianbei Ye's true identity! Why had those old fellows chosen him? Forget about my confusion, even my father can't understand it. However, regardless of who he is, as long as I marry him, the Fang family won't lose our power!"

    "Master, how should we deal with this woman then? If she has seduced the Young Master and we don't get rid of her..." The old woman furrowed her brows and asked with hesitation.

    "Why would we need to get rid of her?" The yellow-robed woman stared at the old woman and asked indifferently. "Not only am I not going to get rid of her, I'm going to draw her to my side! I'm not the only one in the Underworld who wants to marry Qianbei Ye, there are many women who covet the position of becoming his wife! If the Young Master wishes to take a concubine, that would not be unusual as well. Instead of letting him be seduced by other women in the Underworld, why not have the woman that he treasures most turn out to be that woman from the secular world?"

    A bright light flitted across the yellow-robed woman's eyes as she continued to speak, "Because my father is the current Palace Lord, the position of Young Madam belongs to me. However, I don't have any feelings for Qianbei Ye. If it had not been for the sake of the Fang family's legacy, I wouldn't marry him either! Therefore, I don't mind the idea of having another woman as the woman he treasures most because I don't love him! If I can bring that woman to my side, the Underworld will belong to the Fang family in the future."

    "You're right, Master. I'd rather that he loves a woman from the secular world instead of falling for another woman from the Elders' Clan! Otherwise, once the Palace Lord retires, the proper position by Qianbei Ye's side will be removed."

    The old woman nodded, clearly agreeing with the woman in yellow's words.

    "The only thing is, Master, this is really a grievance to you. For someone who was born into nobility like yourself to have to share a man with a shady woman."

    Hearing this, the yellow-robed woman shook her head. "It's considered normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines. Despite how much my father loves my mother, he too has many concubines. Therefore, I don't mind it if my man has other women as long as the principal room belongs to me forever. That is enough for me! Besides, since I don't love him and am only marrying him for the sake of benefits, it wouldn't be too agonizing for me to see him with other women."

    Even though the yellow-robed woman had made such a statement, the old woman still felt her grief. Such an outstanding woman like her Master should deserve a love which could last a lifetime.

    Unfortunately, she had been born in the Underworld. She has no choice but to suffer through perfection for the sake of the Underworld's benefit.

    The yellow-robed woman sighed, "However, from the way Qianbei Ye had ignored me, I'm afraid he won't marry me."

    "Master, you can rest assured in this matter." The old woman chuckled. "Those old fellows have only appointed Qianbei Ye as the Young Master, they did not say that we can't force him into anything! As long as the Palace Lord and the Elders make the order, he will have no choice but to obey. Otherwise, we can use him abandoning his position as Young Master as a threat! I believe that no man would be that foolish to give up the world for the sake of a woman."
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