1555 The Underworlds Restricted Area 3

    Could it be that this woman does not like Qianbei Ye and was only attracted to his position as the Underworld's Young Master? Otherwise, how could she still remain calm? Instead, she was looking at me with interest?

    If that's truly the case, doesn't this make things much easier?

    "Lady Gu, it's not that I want to marry the Young Master, this matter had been decided by my father and the elders. The Young Master and I have no alternative."

    Huang Ying's eyes flickered as she replied Gu Ruoyun with a grin.

    What she had meant was that be it her or Qianbei Ye, both of them must adhere to the Palace Lord and the Palace Elders' wishes and get married.

    They have no choice in the matter.

    "No," Gu Ruoyun shook her head but the smile on her face did not change. "If you say that you have no choice but to follow orders, I believe you. However, if you're talking about Xiao Ye, I don't believe you. He won't marry you."

    Huang Ying was not angered by Gu Ruoyun's words as she continued to smile lightly, "Lady Gu, it's my sincere wish to befriend you. I don't have feelings for the Young Master but I'll be forced to marry him. Besides, he also needs to take the granddaughters of the clan elders as his concubines. This is what is required of the Underworld's Young Master. However, you can rest assured. Since I've become your friend I won't allow any of the concubines to abuse you."

    Huang Ying swept her gaze towards the dagger on the table as she spoke, "Since this high-class spiritual weapon is a gift to you, it now belongs to you and you can also use it to defend yourself. As we're friends, I'll watch over your safety from now on. Otherwise, things will truly be difficult for you in the Underworld."

    Huang Ying's words sounded very sincere as if she was genuinely looking out for Gu Ruoyun.

    Her friendship was indeed sincere. As long as Gu Ruoyun accepts the dagger, she would protect her from then on!

    To Huang Ying, Gu Ruoyun has no power or right so she was unafraid of her having ulterior motives! To her, a woman from the outside world does not have enough clout for her to fear!

    At the end of the day, this was a better situation instead than Qianbei Ye favoring other women from the palace.

    Huang Ying's ideas were not bad. Unfortunately, her plans would not come to fruition!

    Just as she was waiting for Gu Ruoyun to accept the dagger, a vicious voice rang out from behind her. Her body froze as if an endless amount of icy water had just filled her up from the tips of her toes to her heart.

    "Who gave you permission to come here?"

    Aside from a cold, gloomy air, the man's voice was filled with a thick murderous intent.

    Huang Ying's expression drained of color as she turned towards the crimson-robed man who appeared from out of nowhere behind her. She bit her lips as she answered, "Young Master, I've heard that you've brought Lady Gu back here so I came forward to pay her a visit. I have no evil intentions."

    That man did not seem to hear Huang Ying's explanation as he retorted gloomily, "This is the third time! Do you choose to scram, or die?"

    Huang Ying believes that if she continues to stay here, this man would certainly kill without mercy!

    Why? She was the Palace Lord's daughter after all. Why does this man have so much audacity to murder her?

    "Since you've issued the order, I will leave now, Young Master."

    Huang Ying quickly regained her composure. However, the thoughts within her flickering eyes were shrouded in mystery.

    "There will not be a fourth time!"

    Qianbei Ye eyed Huang Ying as he continued, "If you dare to hang around in front of me a fourth time, I will have you drenched in blood on the spot! I don't wish to see anyone but Yun'er. Leave!"

    Even though this was the longest sentence Qianbei Ye has ever spoken to Huang Ying, his words made her heart tremble ceaselessly.

    However, Huang Ying had a solid upbringing. If she had been any other woman who had been insulted in such a way, they would have been enraged from this humiliation. However, she maintained a faint smile on her face the entire time as she slowly bowed and said, "Young Master, I will take my leave now. I won't bother you and Lady Gu, Young Master."

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