1557 The Underworlds Restricted Area 5

    Actually, the Underworld's Restricted Area was considered as a restricted place not because the area was fraught with danger. Instead, it was because there would be great consequences whenever the Restricted Area was unlocked each time. Under most circumstances, no one would ever unlock the Restricted Area.

    The members of the Palace would only be willing to unlock the Restricted Area when there was a peerless genius in the Underworld! Hence, only the Eldest Lady Huang Ying had been allowed to enter the Restricted Area recently! Furthermore, Huang Ying's cultivation had improved greatly in the Restricted Area, bringing her power to greater heights.

    Of course, for someone in Qianbei Ye's position, he could enter the Restricted Area as well. Unfortunately, he had rejected this chance! Forget about the Palace Elders, even the Palace Lord could not understand why he was not willing to enter the Restricted Area.

    Only Qianbei Ye knows that this Restricted Area was of no use to him. Entering it would only be a waste of time.


    "What did you say?"

    In meeting room in the Underworld, a middle-aged man instantly rose to his feet with an ugly look on his face as he asked, "Did you just say that the Young Master has returned? He has even brought a woman back?"

    "That's right."

    A white-haired old man replied. He then nodded and said, "Many have seen the Young Master bring a woman into the Underworld. Besides, he has even arranged for that woman to stay in his room. Based on the looks of it, that woman's relationship with the Young Master is not an average one. Palace Lord, how should we deal with this matter? Lady Huang Ying..."


    The Palace Lord scoffed icily as the corner of his eyes filled with viciousness, "The Young Master is going to marry Ying'er. As for that woman, if she's sensible, let her become the Young Master's concubine. If she refuses to listen, we can only get rid of her. I won't allow anyone to compromise Ying'er's position."

    No! What he really meant was to not allow anyone to affect his position!

    After all, in all his years as the Palace Lord, he has always gotten whatever he wanted! If this position were to ultimately fall to Qianbei Ye, that means that the current Palace Lord would lose his power.

    How could he accept this? Therefore, he wanted Qianbei Ye to marry Huang Ying. This way, he could use his position as the Palace Lord's father-in-law to rain tyrannical abuse!

    "Everyone, I know that you have your opinions on the Young Master as well so we must be united now! If Ying'er becomes the Mistress, at least she would allow your daughters to become the Young Master's concubines! However, if this foreign woman obtains this position, I'm afraid that there will be many changes."

    The Palace Lord's voice was deep and slowly ring out throughout the meeting room.

    The elders fell silent for a moment as they looked at one another. In the end, the white-haired old man spoke up again, "But he's the Young Master after all. How can we force him?"

    "You've said it yourself, he's the Young Master!" The Palace Lord looked at the white-haired old man and spoke indifferently, "Since he's the Young Master, he has to listen to the Palace Lord's orders! As long as I'm Palace Lord, I make the decisions in the Underworld!"

    The white-haired elder was just about to speak when he was cut off by the other elders.

    "Elder Tianyi, you have no granddaughters in your household so it doesn't matter so much to you who the Young Master marries. However, I have a granddaughter who wants to become the Palace Lord's woman. Therefore, no one's opinion holds more weight than ours. Besides, who knows where this woman the Young Master likes has come from. What if she has bad intentions towards the Underworld? Lady Huang Ying is the Palace Lord's daughter after all so she's most suited to become the Young Madam. At least she would never do anything to harm the Underworld."

    Hearing this, Elder Tianyi sighed and his eyes filled with anxiety, "The Young Master had been selected by those old fellows. What if we anger those old fellows by treating him this way..."

    It was true what the others had said, Elder Tianyi does not have a granddaughter of age in his household. Hence, he was not blinded by greed and was the one who saw things clearer than anyone else in the group.

    Unfortunately, he could not reverse the heavens and earth alone.

    When faced with the lure of benefits, who would give it up?

    "You need not overanalyze this matter, Elder Tianyi. We had listened to the Ancestral Elders' orders and made him the Young Master of the Underworld! At least the selection of the Young Madam should be left to us! The Ancestral Elders do no care about the affairs in the Underworld so some matters should still be left for the Palace Lord to decide!"

    The Palace Lord furrowed his brows, clearly unsatisfied with Elder Tianyi's worlds.

    "He's the Young Master and I'm the Palace Lord! You should know very well whose words hold more weight."

    As he spoke, that Palace Lord made his tone a little gentler as the space between his brow filled with confidence.

    "Besides, when it comes to men, no one knows how they work better than me. We aren't stopping him from being with his beloved! We only want to make that woman his concubine! As long as he can have that woman, what's the difference between making her the Young Madam or a concubine? It's normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines. I believe that the Young Master will not refuse the chance to have numerous concubines."

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