1558 Another Power Upgrade 1

    Just as they were discussing Qianbei Ye, a panicked voice suddenly rang out from outside the meeting room.

    "Palace Lord, something terrible has happened."

    A figure then quickly dashed into the room and exclaimed, out of breath, "Palace Lord, the Young Master has brought that young lady into the Restricted Area!"


    The Palace Lord rose to his feet with a whoosh. There was a particularly ugly look on his face and his eyes were filled with a cold and grim look.

    "What did you just say? The Young Master has allowed a foreign lady into the Restricted Area?"

    The Palace Lord did not wait and rushed out in a panic, remembering the importance of the Restricted Area to the Underworld.

    The other elders could not keep calm either and quickly followed the Palace Lord out of the meeting room. Even Elder Tianyi, who had previously stood up for Qianbei Ye, was frightened out of his mind. His elderly features were filled with anxiety.


    A man was standing outside the Restricted Area as his crimson robes and silver hair fluttered in the wind. He looked exceptionally peerless and magnificent! Even though he sensed footsteps approaching him, he did not turn around and only continued to stare silently and indifferently at the slowly closing door of the Restricted Area.

    As he arrived, the Palace Lord only saw Qianbei Ye's figure alone. He did not see the woman the Young Master had brought and panicked as he asked, "Young Master, where's that young lady?"

    The Palace Lord's attitude at the moment was still acceptable. There was no sign of anger though he had not addressed Gu Ruoyun by name. Instead, he looked at Qianbei Ye anxiously.

    "Oh no, the entrance to the Restricted Area has been opened and that woman had gone in! The Young Master hasn't been in the Underworld for very long though, how had he discovered the way to unlock the Restricted Area?"

    After all, only the Palace Lord and the elders knew how to unlock the Underworld's Restricted Area. Not even Huang Ying would know how to do so! Hence, they could not understand how Qianbei Ye had been able to send that woman into the Restricted Area.

    However, they obviously did not take the time to understand this problem and began to place the blame instead.

    "Young Master, as the Underworld's Young Master, you should know that unlocking the Restricted Area comes with a great price! Forget about the price, a great opportunity like this should only be given to the other talents of the Underworld. Why have you allowed a foreign woman to enter the Restricted Area?"

    "That's right! I knew that she had harbored ill intentions by following the Young Master around. She only here for the sake of the Underworld's Restricted Area! An outsider should never be allowed to enter the Restricted Area!"

    "I really don't know what kind of enchantment that woman has placed on the Young Master until he couldn't even comprehend such a simple issue. Young Master, you must understand that women in the outside world would have their objectives in approaching you. Only the women in the Palace are faithful to you! What a waste of the Palace Lord's intentions in allowing this woman to remain in the Palace as your concubine. I think women like her who harbor their own intentions have no right to enter the Underworld!"

    The elders were extremely enraged!

    Let's not discuss the full price of unlocking the Restricted Area, just knowing that unlocking the Restricted Area one time would require one to go into closed-door cultivation for half a year. That gives an estimate of how much of the Underworld's time Qianbei Ye has wasted.

    After adding the three months needed when staying in the Restricted Area, Qianbei Ye's actions had caused disciples who have waited for the Restricted Area to be unlocked to be delayed by another nine months!

    "Father." A melodious voice suddenly chimed in. The yellow-robed Huang Ying then slowly descended, escorted by handmaidens.

    Her stance was very graceful and her dainty figure emitted a noble air.

    "Ying'er, what're you doing here?"

    The Palace Lord furrowed his brows and asked.

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