1559 Another Power Upgrade 2

    "I heard about what was going on here so I had rushed over." Huang Ying smiled gently as her pretty eyes swept towards the indignant elders. Her melodious voice slowly rang aloud as she continued, "Father, Elders, the Young Master is not connected with this matter. You need not blame him."

    "Ying'er, what do you mean?" The Palace Lord's brows tightened as he asked.

    "Father, I was the one who had arranged for Lady Gu to enter the Restricted Area." Huang Ying bit her lips. "I had once secretly observed how you unlocked the Restricted Area so I managed to learn how to do so. Therefore, when I heard that Lady Gu was interested in the Underworld's Restricted Area, I had arranged for her entry. The Young Master has nothing to do with his. It was I who had broken the Underworld's rules. Be it a punishment or a beating, I've confessed. Please do not blame the innocent."

    Even though Huang Ying had placed the blame on herself by saying this, she had mentioned that Gu Ruoyun had expressed interest in the Restricted Area which was why she had helped Gu Ruoyun to enter the Restricted Area!

    However, Huang Ying was telling the truth when she confessed that she had secretly observed the Palace Lord when he was unlocking the Restricted Area. The only thing was, she could not understand how Qianbei Ye had figured out the way to unlock it too. Could it be that he had spied on her father just like she did?

    Huang Ying understood that no matter what, Qianbei Ye must not bepunished! Her father could not possibly punish her either! However, her father would need to provide justification towards everyone beneath him regarding the matter of the unlocking of the Restricted Rea. Hence, he could only push all the blame onto one person!

    The most suitable person was clearly that woman!

    By doing this, not only would her father have an explanation, she could also get into Qianbei Ye's good graces! Besides, her father would never punish her too severely.

    How could the Palace Lord not comprehend Huang Ying's intention? He sighed in exasperation as he asked, "Ying'er, did you really make this decision on your own?"

    "Yes father, I'm entirely at fault, please don't blame the Young Master." Huang Ying turned towards the Palace Lord and her eyes were filled with determination. "Besides, Lady Gu will become a member of the Underworld sooner or later so I had granted her this opportunity!"

    What she meant was that Gu Ruoyun would be Qianbei Ye's concubine sooner or later and would, therefore, be considered as a member of the Underworld. Doing so would not be breaching the rules too severely.

    Of course, Qianbei Ye has to be grateful for her favor first.

    "Can you all leave yet?"

    Qianbei Ye slowly turned around and looked at the crowd behind him as his bloodthirsty eyes carried a sense of viciousness, "I don't want Xiao Yun'er to see too many idlers here when she emerges!"


    Everyone here holds great power in the Underworld! Aside from the Palace Lord and the Eldest lady, the remainder were elders but these people have been reduced to idlers in Qianbei Ye's statement!

    "Young Master, as the Young Master of the Underworld, how could you say such a thing? Don't forget, we were the ones who had bestowed the title of Young Master on you."

    An elder in grey robes cried out, agitated, "The Palace Lord is your Master by right! This attitude of yours is simply deceiving and destroying your ancestors!"

    "My Master?"

    Qianbei Ye's gaze landed upon the Palace Lord's ugly expression and his lips curled into a malicious angle, "Does he match up?"

    Does he match up...

    When these words were spoken, the Palace Lord's face instantly turned ashen. He then clenched his fists so tightly that it shook.

    "I want to wait for Xiao Yun'er here. If you have no other business, you can get lost!" The cruelty in Qianbei Ye's voice made their hearts tremble. "As for your conduct today, I will deal with you after Xiao Yun'er emerges."

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