1560 Another Power Upgrade 3

    "Young Master!"

    The elders' faces changed into utterly bitter and hateful expressions as if they never expected Qianbei Ye to protect this woman so much.

    Until the point that he did not place any importance upon the Palace Lord.


    Noticing that the Palace Lord was about to blow up, Huang Ying hurriedly stopped him and shook her head as she remarked calmly, "Father, since the Young Master has some matters to attend to at the moment, let us not disturb him. Let's go."

    The Palace Lord understands his daughter's attitude so when he heard her words, he calmed himself down no matter how angry he was had felt.

    "Let's go!"

    He waved his hand and did not say anything more before turning around to leave.

    The group of elders noticed the Palace Lord's departure and sighed before leaving along with him. However, it was undeniable that, deep down, everyone was unsatisfied with Qianbei Ye's presence.

    "Young Master."

    After the crowd had left, Qing Ming descended from the sky and stood behind the silver-haired man. "I've completed my investigation. Those people who had been sent to assassinate you and the Young Madam had been under the Heavenly Moon Emperor's orders. According to my information, it was for the sake of a treasure in the Young Madam's possession."

    "The Heavenly Moon Emperor?" The man laughed icily. "Since the Heavenly Moon Emperor had the audacity to plot against Yun'er, there's no need for the Heavenly Moon Empire at all!" As for the Underworld... once Yun'er is out, we'll have a great change of blood."

    A sense of shock flashed in Qing Ming's eyes upon hearing this but he did not say very much.

    He had been sent by those ancestral elders to take care of the Young Master so he could only obey the Young Master's commands! He would not be concerned with anything else!

    Qing Ming's heart settled at the thought of this...


    The Underworld.

    The Palace Lord walked into the front courtyard with an ashen look on his face as a group of white-haired and bearded elders trailed behind him. Everyone looked quite angry.

    Huang Ying, who was standing next to the Palace King, wished to console her father but was unsure of what to say.

    "Ying'er, you've had to suffer through grief."

    In the end, the Palace Lord paused in his footsteps and sighed, "I don't know what kind of medicine the Young Master has consumed either. There're so many outstanding women in our palace but he doesn't want any of them! Instead, he has fallen for a foreign woman! He has even unlocked the Restricted Area for that woman's sake! This is just causing more trouble."

    "Father." Huang Ying smiled calmly, "You've been too prejudiced towards Lady Gu. I don't think that Lady Gu is all that bad. Since the Young Master likes her, what's wrong with letting her remain in the palace?"

    Now that it has been mentioned, Huang Ying's first encounter with Gu Ruoyun could not be considered as friendly. However, she could only say this now. After all, this Gu Ruoyun was still of some use to her.

    "Ying'er, you must know one thing, one can know someone for a long time without understanding their true nature. Who knows whether that woman harbors good intentions."

    The Palace Lord furrowed his brows as he looked at Huang Ying and said, "Leave the decision on this matter to me. The Young Master must marry you! Furthermore, I know that you have no feelings for the Young Master but you must know that the only way to prevent our power from falling into another person's hands is by marrying him! Besides, the Young Master's looks and talents won't stifle you."

    She does not know why but when Huang Ying heard what the Palace Lord just said, she could not help but remember how Qianbei Ye had protected Gu Ruoyun back then.

    That was right.

    It was true that Huang Ying did not have feelings towards the Young Master in the beginning. At that time, marrying him was only for the sake of bringing benefits to her father! However, when she remembered the words that man had said to protect his beloved, her heart had begun to race.

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