1561 Another Power Upgrade 4

    Unfortunately for her, that man only had eyes for one woman.

    Huang Ying's gaze darkened as a murky look flashed across her peerless features. She knows that if she falls into it, she would be consigned to eternal damnation!

    Hence, Huang Ying quickly reorganized her emotions and smiled gently, "I understand, Father. I'll never ever let you down."

    "Haha." The Palace Lord's hazy expression finally lifted. He then burst into a bright and clear laugh, "That's my good, obedient daughter! Come, I'm going to make arrangements regardless of what Qianbei Ye thinks. The members of the palace must address you as Young Madam from now on!"

    Huang Ying gently lowered her eyelids, "Father, the Ancestral Elders..."

    "I will clarify things with the Ancestral Elders so don't worry. The Ancestral Elders shouldn't care about who the Young Master marries."


    The Ancestral Elders were locked away in closed-door cultivation at the back mountains of the Underworld. Even the Underworld's Palace Lord was not allowed to disturb their cultivation whenever he wished. The only person who was allowed to see the Ancestral Elders at any time was the Young Master, Qianbei Ye.

    At this moment, two women dressed in white robes were standing upright with swords in their hands outside a bronze stone room, silently guarding the door behind them.

    Their duty was to stand guard and prevent anyone from disturbing the Ancestral Elders' cultivation.

    "Emissaries, the Palace Lord requests an audience with the Ancestral Elders."

    A disciple had rushed forward to give the report and spoke with reverence.

    The two emissaries served as the Ancestral Elders' representatives most of the time. Therefore, the members of the Underworld could never treat the emissaries without respect.

    "The Palace Lord?"

    The woman on the right furrowed her brows and spoke indifferently, "The Ancestral Elders are in the middle of closed-door cultivation, they will see no one."

    "Lord Emissaries, the Palace Lord has an important matter to discuss with the Ancestral Elders. This matter concerns the Young Master's marriage. Please inform the Ancestral Elders." The disciple had refused to leave.

    The two women looked rather impatient and the space between their brows showed a sense of anxiety.

    The Ancestral Elders' health has been deteriorating and they were not even talking much now. Otherwise, every word would waste a bit of life energy. How could they see anyone under these circumstances? If the Ancestral Elders' poor conditions were exposed, the entire Underworld would plunge into chaos.

    "You say that the Palace Lord is here to discuss the Young Master's marriage?" The Left Emissary raised her willowy brow while her eyes carried a sense of confusion, "Can you tell us who he's marrying?"

    "Yes." The Underworld disciple joined his fists and replied respectfully, "He's marrying the Palace Lord's daughter, Huang Ying, whose skill is beyond compare while her features are peerless! The Palace Lord has come to visit the Ancestral Elders for the sake of their marriage. May I ask if you can inform the Ancestral Elders?"

    "Alright, there's no need for the Ancestral Elders to see you." The Right Emissary waved her hand and spoke with cold indifference, "Inform the Palace Lord that he can make the decisions himself. There's no need to trouble the Ancestral Elders over these trivial matters."


    Hearing this, the disciple quickly retreated.

    He wants to inform the Palace Lord of this good news...

    The Underworld's Emissaries were the Ancestral Elders' representatives! The Ancestral Elders does not want anybody to disturb them throughout the years of their closed-door cultivation. Therefore, they had chosen two women with outstanding gifts as their emissaries. Even though these emissaries had rather good positions in the Underworld due to their right to stay close to the Ancestral Elders, the Ancestral Elders only needed them to pass on their instructions most of the time.

    This was putting the situation in a good way. To put this in a bad way, they were only tasked with guarding the door!

    As guards, they would naturally have no way of understanding the situation very much nor do they have a clear idea of the relationship between Qianbei Ye and the Underworld...

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