1562 Another Power Upgrade 5

    At the end of the day, out of everyone in the Underworld, only the Ancestral Elders knows about Qianbei Ye's true identity.

    Humans have no way of becoming immortal! Having great power would only increase one's lifespan while weaker humans would still experience birth, age, illness, and death! Besides, the Underworld was no longer the way it was ten thousand years ago! The people of the Underworld today were no longer the same group of people during Qianbei Ye's time.

    The Palace Lord had been waiting anxiously at the foot of the back mountains. Suddenly, he noticed the disciple who had gone to make the report rushing towards him. He quickly reverted to his calm and steady exterior and asked coldly, "How was it? Will the Ancestral Elders see me?"

    "Reporting to the Palace Lord, the Ancestral Elders are in the middle of cultivation and cannot be disturbed. However, the emissaries have stated that this matter will be left to your decision."

    Hearing this, the Palace Lord felt much more at ease and burst into laughter, "I can relax with the emissaries' response! Even though the Ancestral Elders can't meet me, the two emissaries are the Ancestral Elders' representatives! Therefore, you can issue the order immediately. The members of the Underworld must address Ying'er as Young Madam whenever they see her! It does not matter if they don't get married yet. As long as the rice is cooked, the Young Master can't go back on his word!"

    Based on the members of the Underworld's point of view, because the emissaries were the closest point to the Ancestral Elders, they would understand all matters concerning the Ancestral Elders! Their words would represent the Ancestral Elders' decisions! If the Ancestral Elders really do give Qianbei Ye special treatment, the two emissaries would never have allowed the Palace Lord to make the final decision!

    Unfortunately, they were completely unaware of the actual situation. Though the Ancestral Elders did not keep the emissaries in the dark over some matters, when it comes to important issues, the emissaries would have no idea.

    Qianbei Ye's true identity was one such example!

    Each time the Ancestral Elders had a meeting with Qianbei Ye, they had never allowed the emissaries to remain in the room. Therefore, how could the emissaries possibly be aware of the contents of their conversation? They would not know about Gu Ruoyun's existence either! Otherwise, they would never have committed such a lowly mistake...


    Three months passed in the blink of an eye.

    Qianbei Ye had been waiting for three months before the door to the Restricted Area finally opened again.

    A flash of green robes slowly came into view and softened Qianbei Ye's crimson eyes. His gaze, full of gentleness, stared at the woman who had just emerged from the Restricted Area as he gently curled his lips, "Did you find the Blood Drop Fruit?"

    Gu Ruoyun nodded gently and opened her palm. A brilliant red fruit, looking as if it had been painted with blood, was lying in the palm of her hand. The fruit's red color was extremely magnificent.

    "That's right, this is the Blood Drop Fruit." Qianbei Ye took a glance at the Blood Drop Fruit before looking at Gu Ruoyun again. The smile in his eyes deepened as he said, "Looks like after staying in the Restricted Area for three months, you've had a breakthrough in your cultivation again."

    "The spiritual energy in the Restricted Area is much too thick and I've been in cultivation after finding the Blood Drop Fruit. Unfortunately, I can only remain in there for three months." Gu Ruoyun smiled. "By the way, Xiao Ye, have you been waiting for me over these past three months?"

    Qianbei Ye nodded earnestly, "I'm closest to you here."

    A sense of warmth washed over Gu Ruoyun's heart upon hearing those words.

    She had known that Qianbei Ye had been waiting outside for her as she ventured into the Restricted Area for three months. He had not moved a single step!

    "Xiao Ye, I've found the Blood Drop Fruit. Now please get someone to look for the herbs needed for the Longevity Pill. I will refine the pill for those old fogies immediately." Gu Ruoyun then spoke after a bit of thought, "How about this, I see that this area is rather quiet so I will refine the pills here. Once they have been refined, you can send them to the Ancestral Elders immediately."

    Of course this place was quiet!

    Ever since the Palace Lord had led some men here to cause trouble three months ago, Qianbei Ye had ordered Qing Ming to stand guard outside and not allow anyone to come near. Otherwise, this place would not be this quiet.

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