1565 Qianbei Ye, A Good And Peerless Man 3

    "Young Master, you have seriously been captivated by this woman. She clearly harbors horrible intentions! She's two-faced!" The Palace Lord was getting increasingly angry. "Besides, I'm putting my foot down. You must marry Ying'er or your position as the Young Master will come to an end!"

    Qianbei Ye slowly turned his gaze towards the Palace Lord with a sinister smile on his red lips.

    "I really want to know who has given you the audacity to speak in this manner! My wife will forever be Gu Ruoyun alone. As for the Underworld... It is not yet your turn to make the decisions!"


    The Palace Lord's face has turned even more ashen.

    That was right. In the beginning, he had not dared to force Qianbei Ye's hand too much. After all, he had not known how the Ancestral Elders really felt about this matter! However, when he had received the Ancestral Elders' approval for what he wanted to do, he had let all his worries go.

    He slammed the table and rose to his feet at the thought of this and roared angrily, "I'm the Underworld's Palace Lord and I make the decisions in the Underworld! As the Underworld's Palace Lord, only I can make the decisions on your marriage. You will marry whoever I choose!"

    Qianbei Ye chuckled.

    However, his smile was not as warm as the one he had when he looks at Gu Ruoyun. Instead, it carried a sinister air.

    The Palace Lord trembled at the sight of the man curling his lips and he does not know why. He felt as if he had overlooked something.


    Without waiting for the Palace Lord to return to his senses, Qianbei Ye suddenly disappeared into thin air. When he reappeared, he was right in front of the Palace Lord. His large hand grabbed his neck while a sinister air filled his blood-red eyes.

    "From now on, you are no longer the Underworld's Palace Lord!"

    The man spoke very slowly and his voice was deep and gloomy. It shocked the Palace Lord completely.

    The Palace Lord simply could not understand how Qianbei Ye had managed to subdue him before he could even react!

    After all, the Palace Lord had always believed that Qianbei Ye's power was only at the refined state at the very most! As it turns out, this kid had unknowingly broken through to the ninth transformation state!

    Huang Ying stared at Qianbei Ye as her eyes filled with complicated emotions.

    Previously, she had no idea of this man's power either. Now, after witnessing the powers he had displayed, her heart gradually fell for him.

    Especially since Qianbei Ye's attitude was far too domineering. This was the type of dominance that no woman could resist!

    However, when she remembered the woman in green who was standing by Qianbei Ye's side, a sense of jealousy and a hint of envy grew within Huang Ying's heart...

    "Qianbei Ye, if you do this, the Ancestral Elders won't ever let you get away with it!" The Palace Lord was temporarily dazed before he cried out in rage. "I'll tell you this, it was the Ancestral Elders' who had given the order for you to marry Ying'er. Are you going to disobey the Ancestral Elders' order too? Besides, my powers are not much weaker than yours since we're both in the early stage of the ninth transformation state. If you had not attacked so suddenly, you would not be able to subdue me!"

    So what if Qianbei Ye has great talents?

    As long as he's in the Underworld, he has to listen to the Ancestral Elders' commands. Therefore, the only person he can marry is Ying'er!


    Indeed, upon hearing the Palace Lord's words, the aura from Qianbei Ye's being grew even more powerful, expanding throughout the entire Clan Hall.

    Those who were at the refined state could not resist such a powerful aura. Everyone's faces drained of color as their eyes filled with shock.

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