1566 Qianbei Ye, A Good And Peerless Man 4

    Ninth transformation!

    Was this the might of a cultivator at the ninth transformation state?

    They never expected the Young Master to have broken through to the ninth transformation state. This power was on par with the Palace Lord's!

    "Unfortunately, you can't wait for those old fogies to appear." Qianbei Ye laughed icily. "I, Qianbei Ye, will only marry one person. Aside from her, no other woman can ever measure up to become my wife! Anyone who stops me from marrying her will be killed! Even if the heavens tried to stop me, I will move against the heavens!"


    His voice grew even more sinister. Those who heard it felt extremely fearful.

    "You had set your own doom from the moment you made Huang Ying the Young Madam!"

    The Palace Lord's body shook. He could feel the power released by Qianbei Ye and his heart felt weakened.

    After all, it was possible for them to determine their strength and weakness through only their aura at this state. Though the Palace Lord was at the early stage of the ninth transformation, he also understood that Qianbei Ye's power was stronger than his. If the Palace Lord were to fight him, the Palace Lord's chances of victory were very low.

    "Young Master." The Palace Lord looked at Huang Ying who was seated next to him and said, "Yin'er is a good and outstanding woman. She's also more powerful than any other women. If you lose her, it will be a huge loss for you so why do you insist on doing this? However, we can't force you into the bedroom either. If you agree to marry Ying'er, I will agree to give this woman the title of Young Madam but you must also give Ying'er the same rank."

    The Palace Lord knew that if he were to insist on chasing Gu Ruoyun away or on making Gu Ruoyun into a concubine, Qianbei Ye would never agree to it.

    Since that was the case, he would take a step back and ask for Huang Ying and Gu Ruoyun to be made into Young Madam at the same time.

    This was his final concession!

    Qianbei Ye's eyes grew increasingly gloomy as the chilly air from his being became even denser.

    "Young Master, you must know that if we both fight, only the Underworld's power would suffer. This does not bring you any benefit. Besides, this woman by your side will certainly agree to our request!"

    Based on the Palace Lord's observation, why had Gu Ruoyun entered the Underworld in the first place? Was it not for the position of Young Madam? Since he has permitted her to become the Young Madam, was there anything else she would be unhappy with? Otherwise, based on her identity, she would never have the right to marry into the Underworld!

    "My apologies."

    Just as the Palace Lord was filled with confidence, a clear and cold voice slowly rang out, "I'm a little bit petty. My man belongs to me alone and I will never let anyone share anything that belongs to me."

    The Palace Lord's features froze in place. He wanted to speak but Qianbei Ye had tightened his grip around his neck. As a result, he could only swallow his words.

    Of course, the other elders grew unsatisfied under Qianbei Ye's threats and began to voice their opinions.

    "What's the meaning of this? What do you mean by 'the Young Master belongs to you alone'? It's entirely normal for a man to have many wives especially if he's the Underworld's Young Master. Naturally, he will have many concubines. You will have to accept this eventually!"

    "That's right, the Palace Lord has given way by agreeing to let you marry the Young Master yet you don't know what's good for you! If it were me, I would never agree to grant you that position! An outstanding woman like Lady Huang Ying is forced to share a husband with you, what right do you have to refuse this?"

    The ones who had spoken were elders who have unmarried granddaughters in their household. If the Young Master does not take concubines, does that mean that they have no further opportunities for expansion? How could they accept this?

    Therefore, they had panicked when they heard Gu Ruoyun's words.

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