1567 Qianbei Ye, A Good And Peerless Man 5

    Qianbei Ye made a note of each and every person who had spoken up. He then released his grip on the Palace Lord's neck before slowly walking back towards Gu Ruoyun's side. His red lips were curled into a sinister angle.

    "I've come here today to announce two things! Number one, all the elders in the Elders' Circle, aside from Elder Tianyi, are absolved of their position as elders. Everyone in the elders' household will be made into slaves and will do manual labor in the Underworld. They will also not be allowed to leave the Underworld for the rest of their lives!"

    Doing manual labor was no different from becoming servant girls and footboys who would do the most tiring jobs and consume the lowest grade of food. Furthermore, these elders have been reduced to manual laborers. Based on the rules, they would never be able to receive any remuneration for their work.

    Besides, these old fellows were the Underworld's elders. To be turned into manual labors in an instant... How could their dignity endure this? Death was better than this humiliation.

    "Young Master, what do you mean to achieve by this? We obey the Palace Lord's commands. What right do you have to demote us?"

    The elders instantly rose into a sensation. Aside from Elder Tianyi who had kept quiet, everyone else was enraged. They cried out against Qianbei Ye as they voiced their dissent.

    "Number two," Qianbei Ye did not seem to hear their cries and continued to speak. "The Underworld is my engagement gift to Yun'er! Hence, from now on, everyone in the Underworld must obey Yun'er alone!"

    He had once said that he would make the heavens and earth as an engagement present before taking her as his wife.

    The Underworld was only a part of the heavens and earth.


    The entire Clan Hall burst into a discussion. No one ever expected Qianbei Ye to say such a thing.

    "Young Master, are you aware of what you are doing?" The Palace Lord slammed his hand on the table as he roared angrily, "You're giving the Underworld to an outsider? Is something wrong with your brain? What right do you have to give the Underworld to an outsider? Don't forget that I'm the Underworld's Palace Lord while you are only the Young Master. If I wish it, your position as Young Master can be changed!"

    Even to this very moment, the Palace Lord still could not fully comprehend the situation.

    How could Qianbei Ye make such a decision unless he was the one who had originally built the Underworld? Besides, his final goal in building the Underworld in the first place had been for the sake of proposing to her.

    "Of course, you can choose to reject this." Qianbei Ye curled his lips. "The consequences of rejecting this is to have your soul completely destroyed!"

    Not death but to have their souls destroyed!

    If they had their souls, they could still reincarnate. However, once their souls were destroyed, they would have nothing!

    They simply could not understand it - what kind of bewildering medicine had Gu Ruoyun given Qianbei Ye to caused him to back her so much?

    "Young Master, you're overstepping your limit." Huang Ying could not sit still any longer and quickly rose to her feet. She knitted her brows and said, "I know that your powers are similar to my father's but if you plan on usurping the throne, I'm afraid that it won't be that easy. Besides, if the Ancestral Elders finds out about your actions, they will never allow you to remain as the Young Master. Apologize to my father now and I will speak up for you."

    Her eyes were filled with anxiety, she really was worried about Qianbei Ye.

    "I've told you before, there will not be a fourth time!"

    Qianbei Ye had not looked at Huang Ying at all. He waved his large hand and a powerful force slammed into Huang Ying's chest with a bang. Huang Ying's body was sent flying out of the way before landing violently on the floor. Blood splattered continuously out of her mouth as she stared sorrowfully at Qianbei Ye...

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